Monday, 14 November 2016

Eighth Sitting of the Culture and Information Committee

At the sitting held on 14 November, the Culture and Information Committee reviewed the Ministry of Culture and the Media Activity Information for the period July-September 2016.

The Activity Information was presented by Minister of Culture and the Media Vladan Vukosavljevic who said that, among other things, the Ministry focused on the development and advancement of culture and art, securing the finances necessary for work in culture, as well as monitoring, implementation and preparation of media laws. The Activity Information says that the Ministry encouraged cooperation as regards protection of cultural heritage, creativity and information in the language and script of the Serbian people in the region, as well as the work of the cultural information centre in Paris. The Minister said that the conditions have been met to realise projects financed through EU pre-accession funds, donations and other types of developmental aid, as well as participate in regional projects and announced two draft strategies on cultural development and on the media.

In the ensuing discussion the Committee members asked about the course and deadline for the reconstruction of the National Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, appointment of secretaries and assistant ministers of culture and the media and the plan to bring said strategies to public attention. Vukosavljevic announced that the reconstruction of the National Museum would be completed by the end of January 2018, and of the Museum of Contemporary Art by 20 October 2017.

Committee Chairperson Maja Gojkovic asked whether the Ministry plans to draft a law on the theatre and cinematography and whether it is ready for crucial changes in the area which would doubtlessly stir a variety of reactions, to which Vukosavljevic responded in the affirmative.

Responding to the Committee Chairperson’s question about the status of the court trial between the Republic of Serbia and Kunsttrans, enterprise dealing in painting storage, due to a damaging contract signed in 2004 between the Ministry of Culture and Kunsttrans, the Minister said that the painting storage problem could be resolved either by settlement out of court with Kunsttrans or construction of state-owned storage.

The Committee also touched on the status of TANJUG News Agency. The Committee Chairperson suggested reviewing the possible application of the French model of France-Presse national agency which she believes would reconcile all by abiding by the law and EU regulations and the state’s need to duly distribute information on developments in the land. Vukosavljevic said that the French model is interesting and when deliberating on the issue two, three models would be considered.

Committee Chairperson Maja Gojkovic informed the Minister about the National Assembly’s plan to catalogue the art pieces that went missing from the National Assembly edifice on 5 October and asked the Minster for help with the project.

The sitting was chaired by Committee Chairperson Maja Gojkovic and was attended by the following Committee members and deputy members: Dr Ana Stevanovic, Milorad Hajji Stosic, Aleksandar Jugovic, Vesna Marjanovic, Prof. Dr Marko Atlagic, Srbislav Filipovic, Natasa Mihailovic Vacic and Snezana Paunovic.

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