Monday, November 20, 2017

Event Type : National Day




15novalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE STATE OF PALESTINE National Day: November 15th - Independence Day

22novalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF LEBANONNational Day: November 22nd (Independence Day)

28novalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALBANIANational Day: November 28th – Independence Day


01decalldayalldayEMBASSY OF ROMANIANational Day: December 1st

02decalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATESNational Day: December 2nd

06decalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF IRAQ National Day: December 6th - Army Day

06decalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF FINLANDNational Day: December 6th - Independence Day

12decalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYANational Day: December 12 – Independence Day

16decalldayalldayOFFICE OF THE EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN IN BUDAPEST National Day: December 16th (Independence Day)

16decalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTANNational Day: December 16 – Independence Day

18decalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE STATE OF QATAR National Day: December 18th

23decalldayalldayEMBASSY OF JAPAN National Day: December 23rd (Emperor's Birthday)

24decalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE STATE OF LIBYANational Day: December 24th


01janalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF CUBANational Day: January 1st - Liberation Day (1959)

01janallday02alldayPublic holidays Republic of SerbiaNew Year's Day, 1& 2 January

04janalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNION OF MYANMARNational Day: January 4th - Independence Day

07janalldayalldayRepublic of Serbia Religious holidaysChristmas Day, 7 January

26janalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDIANational Days: January 26th - Republic Day

26janalldayalldayEMBASSY OF AUSTRALIANational Day: January 26th – Australia Day

27janalldayalldayRepublic of Serbia Public holidays – observance:Saint Sava Day, 27 January


04feballdayalldayCONSULATE GENERAL OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKANational Day: February 4th - Independence Day

11feballdayalldayEMBASSY OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRANNational Day: February 11th – Victory of the Islamic Revolution

24feballdayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA National Day: February 24th – Independence Day

25feballdayalldayEMBASSY OF THE STATE OF KUWAITNational Day and Liberation Day of Kuwait: February 25th


03maralldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIANational Day: March 3rd (Liberation Day)

17maralldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF IRELANDNational Day: March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day

20maralldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF TUNISIANational Day: March 20th

21maralldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA National Day: March 21st (Independence Day)

23maralldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTANNational Day: March 23rd - Pakistan Day

25maralldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLICNational Day: March 25th

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