29 December 2016 MPs Muamer Zukorlic and Jahja Fehratovic in meeting with the US Embassy representatives

Thursday, 29 December 2016

MPs Muamer Zukorlic and Jahja Fehratovic Meet with US Embassy Representatives

MP Muamer Zukorlic, in the presence of MP Jahja Fehratovic, received a delegation of the US Embassy at the National Assembly House, comprising Jennifer Stojanovic, in charge of political issues in Sandzak and religious freedoms, and Denis Ibisbegovic, Embassy staffer.

Zukorlic informed the guests about the action platform adopted by the main board of the Bosniak Democratic Community of Sandzak on 24 December 2016, saying that the principles prioritized in the platform are essential for the policy of reconciliation. Zukorlic said that the unity of the Islamic community, return of vakuf property, religious teaching and the obstruction of the International University are problems that need to be urgently addressed.

Zukorlic also outlined the developmental priorities, among them the continued construction of Corridor 11 via Pester, Sarajevo – Novi Pazar highway, Sanzdak airport, Raska – Novi Pazar – Prijepolje railway, and Brus – Novi Pazar – Tutin pipeline via Kopaonik, as crucial for the development of the Sandzak region.

Speaking of important political issues, Zukorlic mentioned the introduction of tax breaks for population living above 650 m ASL and regular monthly income for mothers with multiple children.

Finally, Zukorlic also mentioned the long-term political priorities of the Bosniak Democratic Community of Sandzak: constitutional resolution of the status of Bosniaks in the Republic of Serbia and the status of Sandzak as a cross-border religious region.

The realisation of this political platform will lead to a normalisation of relations and creation of an environment conducive to lasting peace and stability in Serbia and the region.



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