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Address: Internacionalnih brigada 69

Tel: 2040-412
Fax: 3444-300
E-mail: unorc.rs@one.un.org

Working hours:
Monday – Thursday: 08.00-17.00h
Friday: 08.00-15.00h

Mrs. Irena VOJÁČKOVÁ-SOLLORANO UN Resident Coordinator

Irena Vojáčková-Sollorano the UN Resident Coordinator in Serbia

Irena Vojáčková-Sollorano is the UN Resident Coordinator in Serbia. She assumed her duties as both UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in October 2013.

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United Nations Resident Coordinator Office (UNRCO)
To coordinate the work of the UN system at the country level, each RC/UNCT should have a RC Office (RCO) to support these roles and demands. UNCT members will actively support the RCO within the context of the UNDAF results framework, including in technical support to achieve agreed UNCT results and in analysis, planning, tracking and reporting processes, information management, communication and advocacy. The RC Office supports 10 core coordination functions performed by RCs and UNCTs as appropriate:
1. Strategic analysis and planning
2. Oversight of the UN country programming cycle
3. Representation and support of UN Secretariat and UN agencies/NRAs
4. Support to national coordination systems and processes
5. Development and management of shared operational support services
6. Crisis management and preparedness response
7. External communication and advocacy
8. Human rights and development
9. Joint resource mobilization and fund management
10. General UNCT oversight and management
UN RC Office in Serbia was established in 2002. Its work today is led by the Coordination Specialist with support of the Coordination Assistant, UNCT Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst and UNCT Communications Expert.

Main Holiday: UN Day, October 24th

RSS United Nations Country Team in Serbia

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    In his message on the New Year, United Nations Secretary-GeneralAntónio Guterres is calling for unity among the global community to tackle overwhelming challenges and defend values shared by all.
  • Raising food safety standards in Serbia while preserving tradition December 18, 2017
    Thanks to FAO and the EBRD support on food safety and quality standards, new regulations are set to improve food safety in the Serbian meat-processing sector while maintaining traditions and facilitating the trade of meat and processed meat products in the country.
  • The Secretary-General - Message for Human Rights Day December 10, 2017
    This year’s commemoration of Human Rights Day marks the beginning of a year-long celebration of seven decades since the adoption of one of the world’s most profound and far-reaching international agreements. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes the equality and dignity of every human being and stipulates that every government has a core duty […]
  • International Volunteer Day 2017 – celebrating volunteers’ contribution in times of crises December 5, 2017
    The Red Cross of Serbia and the UN agencies in Serbia partnered up to jointly commemorate the International Volunteer Day under the global theme Volunteers Act First. Here. Everywhere. The event aimed at recognizing contribution of volunteers as first responders in times of crisis.
  • New FAO report reveals food insecurity, nutrition problems in Europe and Central Asia December 4, 2017
    The countries of Europe and Central Asia have made good progress reducing the prevalence of undernourishment, but some 14.3 million women and men in the region are still not getting the food they need and malnutrition problems are on the rise, according to an FAO report published today.