The Embassy of Sweden and the NGO Mladi ambasadori, in cooperation with NiCat, Deli Center and the Serbian Swedish Business Council, with help from the Nis ICT Cluster, organised an event where participants experienced a “neural interface,” a helmet that changes colours based on the wearer’s mood, learned why some cities have a “head of the Internet,” and travelled through virtual worlds via Oculus Rift.

“Other than numerous world-known Swedish companies, Sweden has many important companies in the digital world. They create jobs and enable people to live better lives. I am sure that there are many small but important companies with a growing influence in Serbia as well,” said Swedish Ambassador to Belgrade, H.E. Christer Asp, in his opening speech.

Lecturers from Serbia and Sweden presented the newest trends from ICT, as an industry of the future. Based on domestic experience, the Embassy of Sweden chose Nis to mark that smaller cities can too  be on the forefront of development. They also foresaw that Nis has exceeded in the ICT sector and that it can become a leader in the region.

The highlight of the ICT conference was a lecture by the Swedish Internet and social media expert, Joakim Jardenberg, who holds the position as the head of Internet in Helsingborg. In his mission to use the Internet to transform his city to the best city in the world at using the Internet, he said that “the world is always developing and technologies are making that possible. Change will never again be as slow as it is today, it can only speed up. To me, it is a great challenge to teach them what technology can do for them.”

The newest inventions in the area of neural interface were presented by Erik Einebrant, researcher and lecturer at the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT in Gothenburg. At the Children Make workshop children learned about programming and developed their creativity through play and modern technology. The concept was created by the Swedish Institute and the Interactive Institute to mark the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, with the aim of highlighting children’s rights to cultural and democratic participation in society.

Job opportunities in Nis and Serbia were discussed by presenters from the companies Ericsson, Troxo and VetCloud. Innovative and creative workshops were held and visitors were given the opportunity to experience virtual realities through the revolutionary invention Oculus Rift.

The conference was concluded with the screening of the documentary film TPB AFK, about three computer addicts who reinvented the distribution of media through the famous information sharing channel Pirate Bay, unknowingly starting an uprising.