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E-mail: ambalgerie-serbie@eunet.rs
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Working hours: Monday – Friday
Chancery: 09.00-15.00
Consular section: 10.00-13.00

H.E. Mr. Abdelhamid CHEBCHOUB

H.E Mr. Abdelhamid CHEBCHOUB


Diploma: Diploma of the College of Administration (Ecole Nationale dAdministration) – Department: Diplomacy – year in 1978.
Diploma of Spanish, Universidad Javeriana, in Bogota, Colombia in 1996
Languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, English
Employed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of July 1978.

Positions held

2009-2014 Director-General of the Arab countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2005-2009 Ambassador of Algeria in Dakar, Senegal.
Ambassador to Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde, based in Dakar.
2003-2005 Director of Communications and Public Information, spokesman for the SMEs.
2000-2003 Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.
1996-2000 Ambassador of Algeria in Libreville, Gabon.
Ambassador in Equatorial Guinea, based in Libreville.
1995-1996 Minister-Counselor at the Embassy of Algeria in Bogotá, Colombia.
1994-1995 Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of Algeria in Kuwait.
1993-1994 Counsellor at the Embassy of Algeria in Rabat, Morocco.
1989-1993 Deputy Director for Accreditation and agreements in the Department of Communications and Documentation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
1987-1989 Adviser to the press at the Embassy of Algeria in Paris, France.
1983-1987 First Secretary at the Embassy of Algeria in Niamey, Niger.
1980-1983 Head of the Bureau of the non-aligned national circulation in Uravi of international political relations.

Other professional activities

– Member of the Algerian delegation to several meetings and summit of non-aligned countries, the Arab Maghreb Union, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the African Union, the Arab League
– Member of the Algerian delegation to the 36th, 59th and the 68th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
– Associate Professor at the College of Administration (Ecole Nationale d’Administration)


Literature, film

National Day: November 01st – National Day


Algiers, (officially: People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria) is a country in North Africa, the Mediterranean between Morocco and Tunisia. The total area of the country is 2,381,740 square kilometers. The capital of the country is Algeria, while among other important cities should be noted Oran and Constantine. The total population of Algeria is 32,818,500. Of these, 99% are local Muslims (Arab-Berber population) and 1% other, most of the French. Algeria is also a major exporter of oil and natural gas in the area.


About 80% of the population are Arabs, 18% Berbers, and the French and the Jews. Islam confessing 99% of the population, while the rest are mostly Christians.


The head of state is the president of the Republic, whose mandate lasts five years, and may be re-elected once. Algeria has universal right to vote. The President is the head of the Council of Ministers. He appoints the prime minister who heads the government while Prime Minister appointed by the Council of Ministers.

The Algerian parliament is bicameral, consisting of the lower house, the National People’s Council (APN), with 380 members and an upper chamber, the National Council, with 144 members. APN is elected every 5 years.

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