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17apralldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLICNational Day: April 17th

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Национални дан: 17. април


Syria gained independence from France on April 17, 1946, after more than 20 years of French occupation. Syrians proclaimed independence in 1941, but French troops didn’t evacuate until five years later.

2. The national holiday is called Jalaa Day, which translates to Clearance Day or Evacuation Day, referring to the last French soldier to vacate Syrian soil. “No matter who rules it, from before the Greeks and Romans or Ottomans or the French, everyone eventually clears out,” a Damascus resident told NPR. “Hence, Clearance Day!”

3. Damascus is Syria’s capital and largest city. It was founded in 3,000 B.C. and is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East. The Ancient City of Damascus is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A popular nickname for Damascus is the “City of Jasmine.” Aleppo is the second-largest city in Syria.

4. After the Ottoman Empire’s defeat during World War I, the French were granted mandates over Syria and Lebanon in 1923 by the League of Nations. The Syrians were mostly hostile toward their French rulers and demonstrated in a number of uprisings, including the Great Syrian Revolt in 1925.

5. There are several flags in Syria, which vary slightly from each other. The national flag is the most common and has red, white and black horizontal stripes with two green stars in the middle. Syria’s ruling political party, the Ba’ath Party, has its own flag with black, white and green horizontal stripes and a red triangle. This flag is often seen on government buildings along with the national flag. There is also a flag representing Syria’s uprising against the French mandate and gaining independence. This was Syria’s national flag until 1958. It features green, white and black horizontal stripes with three red stars in the middle.


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