Cveja's grandson Igor at the exhibition in TrsicCveja’s grandson Igor at the exhibition in Trsic

In memory of Svetozar Cveja Jovanovic, Cultural Center in Trsic has presented his works celebrating the beginning of a long lasting friendship between Serbia and Norway.

On August 24, Ms Jannicke Bain, Deputy Head of Mission, officially opened the exhibition dedicated to Cveja Jovanovic, a teacher from Banja Koviljaca who wrote the first Serbian-Norwegian dictionary along with few other books while in German Nazi camp in Norway during the Second World War. Ms Bain hailed Cveja’s work, which laid the foundation of the Serbian-Norwegian friendship.

Igor Jovanovic, the grandson of Cveja, introduced us to his grandfathers’ life explaining how he had managed to survive as a prisoner of war in Norway and teach 22 fellow prisoners from the Balkans how to read and write. “Cveja was truly thankful to the Norwegian people who helped the prisoners as much as they could,” said Igor.

Aleksandar Pavlovic from the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory in Belgrade, spoke about Cveja’s work. It comprises hundreds of books: more than 15 books in Serbian and Norwegian language, more than twenty textbooks, and hundreds of other papers and even some songs he himself composed.

The exhibition is part of a summer school of Serbian language and translation held in Trsic. Many students, participants of the summer school, also attended the opening. They were all very eager to learn more about Cveja’s work and life and some of them even admitted they got inspired by stories about Cveja and his devotedness.

The Trsic exhibition is opened until September 11, so you should consider making a weekend escape to the Western Serbia and the birthplace of another great man – Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, the Serbian linguistic and cultural reformer.



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