Monday, March 25, 2019

Goethe-Institut Belgrad


Goethe-Institut Belgrad
Knez Mihailova 50
11000 Belgrad
Tel: +381 11 4427100
Faks: + 381 11 2636746

Goethe-Institut Belgrad
Knez Mihailova 50
Poštanski pregradak 491
11000 Beograd, Srbija
Tel. +381 11 4427100
Faks +381 11 2636746

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Saradnja u obrazovanju – nemački jezik

As the official cultural institution of Federal Republic of Germany, Goethe Institut in Belgrade exists for more than four decades. Its primary activity is promotion of German cultural, social and political life, language, international cultural cooperation and business networking. Besides being involved in numerous project in the fields of architecture, art, film, literature and science, Institut offers various language courses and proficiency exams and every year it brings a number of distinguished German lecturers to Belgrade.