Only weeks after the announcement that rock legend PJ Harvey will be performing at this year’s Øya festival, it is confirmed that Norwegian band Highasakite will be one of the festival’s headliners this year.

Highasakite’s last album, Silent Treatment, is the longest ranking Norwegian album on the VG music chart, with its total of 94 weeks spent on the list. Last year the band toured extensively outside of Norway, among others with the bands Of Monsters and Men and London Grammar. They will be touring abroad also in 2016 – but the highlight of the year will most likely be at home, in the Tøyen-park in Oslo on the 12th of august.

– “Highasakite is a band we have been following from the very beginning, when they performed at the festival’s small stage in 2012. Now they’re releasing a phenomenal album and putting them at the top of our poster now is pretty cool”, says Claes Olsen, the Øya-festival’s booking manager.

– “This is something we have done with artists like Susanne Sundfør, Todd Terje and Karpe Diem before. We try to have a Norwegian headliner every year, and letting them play on the big stage is an important part of what we want to achieve with the festival. We want to elevate Norwegian music, while at the same time setting the bar high”.

One of few concerts in Norway in 2016

Olsen has been given the chance to listen to their new album “Camp Echo” which will be released in May.

– “It is a lot more upbeat record than their last one, and is perfect for closing a festival. They will not be performing much at home in 2016, so if you want to watch them play here in Norway, the Øya-festival is one of the few opportunities you will get to do so”, he says.

In many ways, the band’s international success is a direct result of the Øya festival. It was after their concert at the festival in 2012 that their career began to take off.

– “Bon Iver heard them play and released a tweet that they were his new favorite band. That attracted a lot of media attention internationally, and the band eventually got the same booking agent as Bon Iver. This has opened many doors for them, and we see now that they have become famous in several countries. I remember that I had to drag them in to meet Bon Iver back in 2012. It was a typical example of Norwegian modesty”, Olsen says.

– “We are very excited! We keep Øya in the back of our minds through everything we do. It’s great that they have backed us from the start and believed in us throughout everything”, Marte Eberson, one of the bands five members, says.

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