Photo: DakiPro.Photo: DakiPro

Two blogs have popped up in Serbian giving us a great insight into the Norwegian lifestyle with Serbs sharing their perceptions and experiences on everyday activities in Norway.

Blogs are becoming more and more popular way to get a taste of a country first hand. While travel channels focus only on the best of each country, blogs are usually more honest and deal with real life situations.

A nice dose of Norway is coming from a blog “Ladni oblog” of Slavica Sabo Trpkovic, a journalist from Valjevo, and from a blog “Norway in a Serbian way” by programmer Dalibor. Slavica and Dalibor seem to have three things in common: they love Norway, they live in Norway and they are regularly sharing their everyday experiences.

Dalibor, who has been living in Norway for almost 5 years, has shared more than 50 blog posts so far. With plenty of photos, Dalibor is reporting from his travel adventures like camping, hiking, visiting fjords, thus making everyone wish to visit some of the spots. From time to time, the blog takes a more serious approach meeting us with the Norwegian system and society e.i. about their healthcare system, how state institutions work, but also about their cultural values and habits with the 17th of May and other celebrations.

Reading his stories, we also get to meet this programmer as he makes us feel as we already have at least one friend in Norway.

Slavica started her blog only recently, after she had moved to Norway with her family two years ago. Since she quit her journalistic career in Serbia after moving to Norway, she decided to continue writing, but this time as a blogger.

As it goes in the start, her blog is focused on adapting to the new environment and her first encounter with many different things and habits when compared to Serbia. One of them is the school where her two girls are going. She is amazed that her children have been watching movies and making pepperkake at school around Christmas.

Both blogs seem to be very popular, judging by the number of comments they get online. We have to admit that we have started reading the two blogs and then got attached and now keep following the developments regularly as a TV series.