In collaboration with the Norwegian embassy in Belgrade and the Norwegian Film Institute, Kupina Cinema in Nis is hosting a week of Norwegian movies for the fourth time.

From June 24-30, moviegoers can enjoy seven Norwegian movies:


A documentary about youth politicians changes radically when a terrorist commits Utøya-massacre of 69 party kids while filming.

I Am Yours

Mina is a young single mother living in Oslo with her 6-year-old son Felix. She is an Norwegian Pakistani with a troublesome relationship with her family. Mina is constantly looking for love and has relations to different men, however none of the relationships bears any hope of lasting very long. So when Mina meets Jesper, a Swedish film director, she falls head-over-heels in love.


Nobel Prize winner Knut Hamsun’s immortal novel Victoria from 1898 was the original love story. It has everything that a filmmaker and a cinema audience could wish for: young love, class differences, success against all odds, costumes, glorious settings and, in the end, heartbreaking tragedy when Victoria confesses her true love to the man she didn’t get and should have had before she succumbs to tuberculosis.

A Balloon for Allah

Norwegian-Turkish filmmaker Nefise decides to send a balloon letter to Allah in order to change the role of women in the Muslim culture.

Following her grandmother’s Sufi path, she goes on a quest to find grandma’s Islam. The film shuttles between her actual journey and her dreams. She experiences the diversity of Cairo, Istanbul and Oslo by meeting Nawal El Saadawi, Gamal Al Banna and Asma Barlas. As she strolls through this maze, the link between the three Abrahamic religions and the oppression of women becomes clear to her.

Kiss me You Fuckin’ Moron

Tale (17) leads a theatre group of teenagers, who are planning to set up a play by the famous Norwegian writer Jon Fosse. A professional actor, in the middle of a life crisis, agrees to direct them. He decides to cast the local hero, a great soccer player and a ‘fucking moron’, as the main male actor. The group soon discovers that the director’s ambitions are to make the teenagers’ lives a living hell.

Siblings Are Forever

Magnar and Oddny Kleiva have led their entire lives on their small mountain farm in Norway, seemingly unaffected by the riches of modern society. One day relatives from the US come to visit, and invite them to see where their grandmothers sister emigrated to in 1890. But will the brother and sister in their seventies dare the long journey, having barely left the county before?

Let the Scream be Heard

Let the Scream be Heard is an artistic investigation to reveal and celebrate the essence behind the universality and timelessness of iconic Norwegian artist Edvard Munch’s creation.

The entrance is free of charge, but the number of seats is limited, so hurry up and secure your seat!