Øya festival

August 10-13

One of Oslo’s largest music festivals gathering hipsters from all over Norway in a centrally located park in Oslo to see world stars from the pop, rock and electronica scene.

Nature and culture meet in the festival area in Tøyenparken for four days of concerts, food, stalls and activities. The Tuesday night before the outdoor festival starts is Øya club night, with concerts at numerous clubs and indoor venues in the city.

This year, the festival features artists such as PJ Harvey, New Order, Massive Attack ensuring that people will dance on the streets of Oslo throughout the night.

Træna festival

July 7-10

The Norwegian festival scene is not, however, only about the superstars. Some festivals combine what many consider to be key components in their life: music and nature. One example of this is the Træna festival. This is a music festival out of the ordinary, set on the island of Træna, more than 60 kilometres off the Helgeland Coast in Northern Norway. Visitors arrive by boat and camp on the island as alternative accommodation is limited. Rugged nature in the middle of the Northern part of Norway provides a special background for the music. The setting makes up for the lack of big names, particularly later in the evening when the midnight sun creates a magical atmosphere.


July 21-24

Another festival in the midst of Norway’s wild nature is Vinjerock. Vinjerock is located in Jotunheimen, a mountainous area of roughly 3500 square kilometers hosting among others Norway’s tallest mountain, Galdhøpiggen. The festival offers activities as varied as guided hikes, climbing, fishing trips and kayaking courses beside music acts blending local talent and established names all set in stunning surroundings.

Molde jazz festival

July 18-23

Experience Europe’s oldest annual jazz festival Vibrant rhythms permeate every nook and cranny of Molde when thousands of visitors descend on the town during the festival week. The whole of Molde pulsates from morning to night, to the accompaniment of jazz music from all corners of the world – in the magnificent surroundings that only Northwest Norway can offer. In this beautiful setting you will encounter throngs of happy people, street sellers, art exhibitions, enthusiastic festival officials, outdoor restaurants – and more than 100 concerts, several of them free.

Riddu Riđđu

July 13-17

One should not miss the annual Sami music and culture festival held in Olmmáivággi (Manndalen) in the Gáivuotna (Kåfjord) municipality in Norway. The goal of the festival is to bring forward both Sami culture and that of other indigenous peoples. Translated to English, the name of the festival is “small storm at the coast”. Riddu Riđđu includes concerts, seminars, performances, youth camp, stage art, literature, children’s program, Northern People’s program, youth camp, film program, courses (workshops), art exhibition, market (bazaar), indigenous houses and much more.

Article source: http://www.norveska.org.rs/News_and_events/News-and-events1/Music-festivals-in-Norway-to-enjoy-this-summer/