30 November 2017 The members of the National Assembly standing delegation to PABSEC at the 50th PABSEC Plenary Session

Thursday, 30 November 2017

National Assembly Standing Delegation at 50th PABSEC Plenary Session

The National Assembly standing delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC) headed by MA Igor Becic, and comprising members Milija Miletic and Zoltan Pek, took part in the organization’s 50th Plenary Session in Kyiv, on 28-30 November. Besides the Republic of Serbia, the session was also attended by the parliamentary delegations of Azerbaijan, Albania, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine, and was chaired by Andriy Parubiy, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and PABSEC President.

Speaking on the central topic of the plenary, “Development of Economic Cooperation in the Context of the Security Crisis in the Black Sea Region”, MA Igor Becic stressed how very relevant the topic was today, in these times of many challenges – terrorism and extremism, organized crime, cyber threats, illegal migration, economic uncertainty, etc. He urged to intensify interaction, coordination and constructive dialogue among the partners in the Black Sea region in the handling of these challenges. He underlined Serbia’s dedication to keep the peace and security and its concrete contribution to regional stability, peace and security. The Republic of Serbia with its constructive approach, with its neighbours in the Black Sea Region and Europe at large, as well as its global partners, is taking active part in seeking an adequate solution to all regional and global issues, and its handling of the migrant crisis and combating terrorism are a good example of it. MA Igor Becic also spoke in favour of furthering interparliamentary cooperation and dialogue in the Black Sea region to better coordinate the efforts of the national parliaments to battle current challenges.In the course of the session the Parliamentary Assembly adopted recommendations and reports on: the development of the national innovation system in the BSEC member states, 25 years of PABSEC: enhancement of interparliamentary cooperation in the region, and social protection and benefits for young families in the BSEC member states, for which National Assembly delegation Member Zoltan Pek was the Rapporteur. In his address Pek endorsed improving the position and social protection of the family, raising the birth rate, balancing parenting and working, and better coordinating the social legislation among the BSEC member states.



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