As the winter set in, movie time is in order. WW have compiled a handy list of the new Norwegian releases to enjoy from the comfort of your couch.

1. The Big Cheese Race (Solan Ludvig – Herfra til Flåklypa)

Reodor Felgen’s home and workshop are in peril after Solan has boasted and gambled in drunken company. A nerve-wrecking race with various vessels across Flaaklypa’s highest peak will decide if Solan, Ludvig and Reodor still retain their home at the end of the story.

2. Valley of Knights: Mira’s Magical Christmas (Julekongen – Full rustning)

Evil reigns in the Valley of Knights, and Christmas is cancelled. Only the Gran family is capable of saving the holidays. Unfortunately. This is a full feature comedy based on the successful Christmas Calendar series from NRK.

3. Dancing for You (Dans for livet)

Dancing for You is a musical and visual film about Vilde, a charming 12-year-old girl with a talent in an unusual field, especially for her gender: a physically-demanding Norwegian solo dance called Halling. She lives in the middle of a forest in Gransherad, Telemark with her parents, brother, one horse, a donkey, two cats and six goats. Regardless of gender, she is already one of the best in Halling dance for her age group. Vildes main goal now is the big Norwegian Championships called Landskappleik. But performance is not the most important – Vildes greatest wish is that her grandfather who has cancer will live as long as possible.

4. Varicella (Varicella)

The tender and trusting relationship between two sisters with a common dream: becoming a soloist ballet dancer.

5. Cineplasto (Cineplasto)

Experimental abstract animation. Floating shapes and colours. Made by cutting 1mm thin slices off blocks of modelling clay – gradually revealing the patterns and shapes hidden inside.

6. Bird Hearts (Fuglehjerter)

Benjamin and Maya share a life and an apartment in the center of Oslo. On the occasion of Benjamin’s 26th birthday, Tobias, Benjamins younger and more successful brother, comes to visit for the weekend. During a late night dinner party with friends, Maya tells a story about a sexual experience she had in Brazil. As a consequence, Benjamin’s insecurities and vulnerabilities begin to surface. Bird Hearts is a film about gender roles and jealousy, sex and family – and the tricky power of the stories lovers tell.