As a guest of Kikinda Short Festival, Norwegian auhor Tina Åmodt has come to Serbia with a group of authors from other countries to present her stories to the public.

Twenty young writers from 19 countries and authors, editors and critics from Serbia have got together from June 18 – July 2 for the 11th short story festival in Kikinda held under the name “The New Deal”.

The main programme of the festival includes readings of their short stories in public in Kikinda, Szeged, Timisoara and Belgrade, while workshops, multimedia presentations and concerts are organised on the sidelines of the conference.

This year, the festival is hosting a young Norwegian author Tina Åmodt. She was born in 1985 in Bergen, Norway. In 2010, she published the prose collection “Anleggsprosa” (“Construction prose”) in 2010, which is translated to Swedish, Hungarian and soon Danish. In 2014, she published the novel “Det blir aldri lyst her” (“It never gets right here”), which is getting translated to Danish.

She has also written a collection of poetry, “Syntesen”, together with her Swedish colleague Ida Säll (2012), and has translated the poetry collection “Vitsvit” by Athena Farrokhzad from Swedish to Norwegian (2016).

For more information about the festival “Kikinda Short”, please visit their website.