Spec. of Pediatrics and Immunology Assistant professor Dr Med. Sci. Nevenka Raketic

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2020)

The growth and development of children are naturally accompanied by risks and changes, but with the top expertise and dedication of physician, it is easy to preserve the child’s health, they point out in the pediatric practice “Dr Raketic “. The period in the first year of life is perceived as the most intriguing in development, noting that careful health care, especially in the first months, has a beneficial effect on the later development of children. The period between 2nd and 5th year of age is estimated to be the most sensitive in terms of acute diseases.

By the teamwork of employees with the help of 40 consultants of different specialities, in this renowned pediatric outpatient it is possible to receive all medical services and comprehensive health care from birth to after the child reaches adulthood.

The focus of the practice is PREVENTION. This includes annual check-up, which includes doctors from several specialist areas, depending on the age of the child, as well as regular immunization of children: in the first and second year of life, and in the seventh year before starting school.

Regarding the controversy about the effect of vaccines, in the practice “Dr Raketic “, they express understanding for the ignorance and concern of parents. But such rumours are considered unjustified, which is confirmed by hundreds of research conducted so far, in the world. They point out that immunization is one of the greatest benefits of medicine so far, as a science. It is by far the most effective way to protect the individual and the best way to create a collective shield of the nation.

The danger due to the lack of immunization is collective and individual, which indicates the appearance of morbilli in the winter of 2018 in Serbia. The epidemic arose because some parents refused to immunize their children with the MMR vaccine. At one-third of children diseased ofmorbilli between 2-5 years of age, complications such as pneumonia and meningitis may occur, with a potentially fatal outcome.

The IMMUNIZATION program in the outpatient “Dr Raketic ” is implemented with the BEST QUALITY VACCINES, well-known international brands based in Great Britain, the USA and France. These are vaccines with proven properties, without side effects, which are used to vaccinate children in the most developed countries in the world.

Careful health care in the first months of life has a beneficial effect on the child’s development.

The surgery has the most modern diagnostic tools. To establish an efficient and accurate DIAGNOSIS in the event of acute diseases, in the indicated conditions is performed:

Ultrasound examination of the hips and abdomen

Pulse oximetry (a measurement of oxygen levels in the blood)

Otoscopic examination (examination of the outer and middle ear)

Tympanometry (measuring the amount of fluid in the ear canal)

Laboratory analyses (complete blood count, CRP, rapidstreptococcal test)

Biochemical and other blood tests, taking different types of swabs and urine or stool samples for viruses, parasites, fungi and bacteria (Rota / Adeno / Noroviruses)

The most common acute conditions of children’s diseases are respiratory infections (viral and bacterial). The second most common are abdominal infections (manifested by fever, diarrhoea, vomiting). Bronchitis and asthma are very common, as well as allergic diseases, as seasonal problems that occur with colder days.

Different THERAPEUTIC PROCEDURES are used in acute disease states depending on the indications:

-Intramuscular therapy (injections)

-Intravenous therapy (infusions)


 “Dr Raketic”  practice provides health care for children according to the most modern world standards and protocols. The clinic has 4,000 regular patients. Through the teamwork of top experts, the following is done annually:


  “Dr Raketic” outpatient exists for eight years. Ethical principles in the work are EXPERTISE – DEDICATION – KINDNESS.

Comprehensive care for the health of children includes home visits by a paediatrician and a community nurse, and, if necessary, physical therapies by experienced therapists.

The clinic is located near embassies and foreign missions, in Dedinje. The examinations are performed in a pleasant ambience in an environment that exudes peace and greenery. Communication is in English.

The founder  is Dr Nevenka Raketic, MD, a specialist in paediatrics and immunology. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, where, after acquiring specialization in paediatrics and a specialization in immunology, she received her master’s and doctoral degrees. She is an assistant professor at the US Medical School in Belgrade. She gained training and international experience in science centres and conferences in Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain. Her narrower fields of interest are immunological, allergological and autoimmune diseases in children, nutrition and prevention of type 2 diabetes.

With the experience of more than three decades Dr Nevenka Raketic has been an active member of eminent professional associations for many years: the Serbian Medical Association, the Association of Pediatricians of Serbia, the Association of University Professors and Scientists of Serbia, as well as the international association Global Diabetes Survey.


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