public-holidayPublic and other holidays in the Republic of Serbia are regulated by the provisions of the Law on Amendments of the Law on Public and Other Holidays in the Republic of Serbia (“Official
Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, Nos. 43/2001, 101/2007 and 92/2011).

Public holidays:

  1. Sretenje – Statehood Day, 15 & 16 February
  2. New Year’s Day, 1& 2 January
  3. Labour Day, 1& 2 May
  4. Armistice Day, 11 November

Religious holidays:

  1. Christmas Day, 7 January
  2. Easter, Good Friday and Easter Monday

Public holidays – observance:

  1. Saint Sava Day, 27 January
  2. Holocaust Remembrance Day, 22 April
  3. Victory Day – 9 May
  4. Vidovdan- Kosovo Battle Remembrance Day, 28 June
  5. National World War II Victims Remembrance Day, 21 October

The Law stipulates that, if a public holiday falls on Sunday, the holiday is postponed for the next working day.

The Law stipulates that employed citizens of the Republic of Serbia are entitled not to work on  the following religious holidays:
1. Christian Orthodox – first day of Slava – patron saint of the family;
2. Catholics and members of other Christian religious communities – first day of
Christmas and Easter holidays-Good Friday and Easter Monday;
3. Members of Muslim community – first day of the Ramadan Bayram and first day
of the Kurban Bayram;
4. Members of the Jewish community – first day of Yom Kippur.