Burek sa eurokremom i plazmom

Just when we all suspicion zero could kick burek with meat, cheese, greens, ham or tough cheese, THIS ’’slid out of a oven’’! We give a latest specialty of a Belgrade fritter emporium that became a outrageous strike in really brief volume of time – a eurokrem-plazma burek!

“Why change a strange burek?”. “The usually correct burek is burek with meat…”. “What will they come adult with next!”. These and other identical comments can be listened from passers-by and business of a fritter emporium located between a Topličin and Obilićev Venac neighbourhoods in Belgrade. We can know we being distrustful about this innovative specialty. We were too. Until we attempted a newest, many renouned breakfast in Serbia…

burek-eurokrem-mondo-stefan-stojanovic-31 (1)

Photo: Stefan Stojanović, www.mondo.rs

Let’s get things true – the burek with meso and burek with cheese are a comprehensive winners of a burek contest. They’re irreplaceable. But this new and engaging provide is something we should really try. If we like pancakes with eurokrem and plazma, afterwards there is not a singular reason for we not to run to get your cut of this flourishing sensation.

The creator of a eurokrem-plazma burek is a twentyseven-year-old owners of this fritter emporium who wanted to brew things adult in their stream offer. Here, burek is done but additives and a kilogram costs 600 RSD.

Mara burek

If you’re wondering how this latest burek is made, a answer is elementary – a same as a unchanging burek. “Everything stays a same, a creation of a burek, a swelling of a filo-pastry sheets… A Macedonian baker creates all by palm here. The many critical thing for us is that all tastes good and that no additives are used”, a owners Mara told Blic.

Up to 15 pans of a honeyed burek are sole on a daily basis, and there are all sorts of customers. First, they were especially younger people and now even comparison people come to by a burek. And tourist, who listened about this new chronicle of the Serbian burek, too. “There are days when we simply can’t accommodate a demand. People come and buy a burek for themselves, their colleagues, their friends. Children come and act like it’s a universe consternation seeking either they could only see how it looks”, Mara tells Blic with a grin on her face.


Photo: Stefan Stojanović, www.mondo.rs

We were totally fascinated by both a smell and ambience of this treat, so we simply had to have it. Even though, during initial hand, it sounds unusual, this out-of-the-ordinary combo tastes amazing. Of course, tastes differ and since of that we improved go and try out a eurokrem-plazma burek for yourself. And don’t forget to tell us how we favourite it!