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H.E. Mr. Koenraad ADAM

H.E. Mr. Koenraad ADAM

Koenraad Adam has an MA Degree from Ghent University in African History and Culture and a postgraduate Erasmus ‘Comparative Study of Knowledge Systems’ from the same university.

He entered Belgium’s diplomatic service in 1990, serving as attaché of diplomatic training at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels, after which he held the post of attaché and deputy head of mission at the Belgian Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 1992 to ‘93.

From 1993 to ’95 he was 2nd Secretary and Deputy Head of the International Commodity Agreements Unit DG-Multilateral Affairs, MFA, and from 1995 to ‘98 he was 2nd Secretary and Head of the Economic Affairs Unit of the Belgian Embassy in Moscow.

He became 1st Secretary and Deputy Head of Mission at the Belgian Embassy in Lisbon in 1998, before receiving his first ambassadorship in 2003, when Mr Adam became Belgian Ambassador in Kampala, Uganda and non-resident Ambassador to the Republic of Eritrea.

From 2006 to ‘09 he was Head of the DRC Congo-Unit, Africa department DG Bilateral Affairs at the Belgium MFA and in 2009 he was appointed Belgian Ambassador to Cuba in Havana, before serving, from 2012 to ’15 as Ambassador of Belgium to the Republic of Tanzania and non-resident Ambassador to the Republic of Malawi, Mauritius and Zambia resident in Dar es Salaam.

Ambassador Adam arrives in Serbia from the position of director of the Belgian MFA’s Policy Planning Department.

National Day: July 21st

King’s Day: November 15th

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