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Diplomatic corp News

The Belgian-Serbian Business Association Members and Friends Evening

The Belgian-Serbian Business Association organized another Annual Members and Friends Evening to thank the members and partners for their support and contribution to the work of the Association, at the IN Hotel, Lounge Bar INcognito. E. Koenraad Adam, Ambassador of Belgium to Serbia and Mr. Hugo van Veghel, President of the BSBA welcomed old and new members and friends, wishing them successful networking. Mr. Van Veghel announced the launch of the new BSBA website and 2020 as the year of marking 10 years of existence and operations of the BSBA in Serbia. The event that gathered members and friends, representatives of the Embassy of Belgium as well as colleagues from other business clubs, ended with a traditional lottery draw sponsored by the guests.

Biographie de l’Ambassadeur

Jean-Louis FALCONI, Ambassadeur extraordinaire et plénipotentiaire de France en Serbie - Biographie et informations / Source : La France en Serbie (https://rs.ambafrance.org)

Focus on Climate –  Will something change after Amazon?

Text by Sanja Šojić In August, tens of thousands of fires were recorded across the Amazon rainforest, with dramatic images and statistics reported daily across the world’s media. Both the scale of the fires and the erratic response from the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro have garnered attention, with politicians, newspapers and commentators all weighing in on how events were playing out. The media highlighted various factors that could have worsened this year’s Amazon fires, including climate change, deforestation, meat consumption… Climate change can exacerbate wildfires by rising temperatures and increasing the chances of drought. Both of these factors can create “tinderbox” conditions, meaning that – once ignited – a fire can spread very quickly over large areas of land. Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world, spanning an area that is 25 times the size of the UK. The forest currently accounts for around a quarter of the CO2 removal service provided by the world’s forests..

Dr DAVID LANDSMAN, Chairman of British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce: Good Opportunities...

My plan very much is to grow our membership and make sure that we have something to offer for every company in Britain or Serbia that wants to do business or can see those opportunities The new Chairman of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, David Landsman visited Serbia in early September. In an interview for Diplomacy&Commerce, Dr Landsman talks about his vision of Serbia, the opportunities for cooperation and further plans. Can you tell us more about your visit to Serbia? — We’ve had a very full programme. The reason we chose these dates was because of the 24 hours of excellence programme in which the British-Serbian Chamber was a partner. But we’ve also taken the opportunity while we’re here to meet with a lot of people from the Prime Minister to the State Secretary at the Infrastructure Ministry, the Innovation Fund, as well and some British companies and Cambridge Judge Business School. We met with Innovation Fund to promote the relationship between innovation fund and th..

Message de l’ambassadeur, M. Jean-Louis Falconi

- Biographie et informations / Source : La France en Serbie (https://rs.ambafrance.org)

H.E. MICHAEL DAVENPORT: Negotiating to Leave the EU is No Easier...

The most recent European Commission report on Serbia’s accession highlights many of the same issues, especially in the areas of rule of law and media freedom, about which the EU Delegation expressed concern during my mandate Ambassador Michael Davenport lived in Serbia for seven years; first as the UK ambassador and subsequently as the Head of the EU Delegation in Serbia. Today, Mr Davenport is the UK ambassador to Kuwait. He was kind enough to give us an interview in which he talks about the topics related to Serbia, Brexit, the situation in the Middle East and many other issues. After seven years spent in Serbia, as the UK ambassador (2011-2014) and the Head of the EU Delegation in Belgrade (2014-2017), it would be great to hear your opinion about Serbia in 2011, Serbia in 2017 and Serbia today. — It was a great privilege to serve in Belgrade both as the EU and as British Ambassador. My family and I made many dear friends in Serbia, whom we miss very much. We have been fortunate t..

Je lis, tu lis, nous lisons avec Catherine!

Animations lecture de 6 à 12 ans le jeudi de 18h à 19h sous réservation à la mediatheque@institutfrancais.rs Nous allons ensemble nous plonger dans la magie des histoires en choisissant les livres à la médiathèque autour de divers jeux (La marelle à histoires, Le domino de livres…) et lire des livres animés sur tablette. Cette activité vous permet de découvrir le plaisir des livres et de la lecture de façon ludique et conviviale. À ne pas manquer! Rendez-vous : le jeudi 10 et le jeudi 24 octobre 2019 à 18h. The post Je lis, tu lis, nous lisons avec Catherine! appeared first on Institut français de Serbie.

Grundfos celebrated their 10-year anniversary in Inđija and opened a new...

The ceremony was opened by the minister of economy in Serbia, Goran Knežević, the Danish Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Anders Hougaard, mayor of Inđija, Vladimir Gak, and the director of Grundfos in Serbia, Veljko Todorović together with the COO of the company, Stephanne Simonetta. Grundfos now has over 750 employees in the production drive in Inđija, and is one of the most sophisticated factories of its kind in the region. They also has managed to put its name on the list of the 10 biggest exporters of Serbia, exporting over 200 million euros worth of products last year. The Ambassador to Serbia, Anders Hougaard said: ”We consider ourselves a world champion when it comes to the UN sustainable development goals, and Grundfos is one of the companies to help Denmark build this image.’’ He also praised Grundfos for being a standing example of the good cooperation between Denmark and Serbia, having proven that Danish investments in Serbia tend to be export-oriented and bring nothing but gre..

Cérémonie de baptême des élèves-officiers de l’Académie militaire de Serbie

La cérémonie de fin de scolarité et la remise des galons à la 140ème promotion des cadets serbes s'est tenue le 14 septembre 2019 devant le Parlement. - Défense / Source : La France en Serbie (https://rs.ambafrance.org)

DAVID McALLISTER, Chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Policy Committee: ...

Serbia has undertaken important economic reforms. Nevertheless, in some policy areas such as the reform of the judiciary, the fight against corruption and the guarantee of media freedom are among the most important tasks ahead David McALLISTER MEP in the EP in Brussels David McAllister made his first visit to Serbia in late August following his appointment as the Chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Policy Committee. He last visited Belgrade at the end of February, in his position of the rapporteur of the European Parliament for Serbia. As a person who is very knowledgeable of the situation in our country, Mr McAllister came to Serbia at a crucial moment when the opposition is weighing whether boycott the elections or not, and when the authorities and the opposition have finally engaged in dialogue. Brussels is not keen to see election boycott in Serbia, since the question is whether, in this case, the future government would have the legitimacy to deal with important issues..