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Waste management during COVID-19

The importance of regular and appropriate waste management during the current COVID-19 pandemics is becoming even more important, especially as the amount of medical waste is significantly increasing even in households (namely protective gloves and masks), which is then mixed and deposited together with household waste. Thanks to the prompt reaction from the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and its members, a series of short messages on the protection of workers in this sector and proper waste handling and management is prepared as to contribute to public health protection in emergency situations. The German Development Cooperation Project “Climate Sensitive Waste Management (DKTI)” implemented by GIZ, in cooperation with its long-term partners the Serbian Solid Waste Association (SeSWA) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS), supported this initiative and contributed in the preparation and distribution of this material. On the following link we like to ..

Entretien téléphonique entre les présidents de la République française et serbe (2 avril 2020)

Entretien téléphonique entre le président de la République, M. Emmanuel Macron, et le chef de l'Etat serbe, M. Aleksandar Vucic. - Relations diplomatiques / Source : La France en Serbie (https://rs.ambafrance.org)

Трансляция обращения Президента Российской Федерации В.В.Путина

Сообщение Трансляция обращения Президента Российской Федерации В.В.Путина появились сначала на Руски дом.

Déclaration de l’Allemagne, de la Belgique, du Danemark, de l’Espagne, de la Finlande, de...

Quai d'Orsay – Déclaration de l'Allemagne, de la Belgique, du Danemark, de l'Espagne, de la Finlande, de la France, de la Grèce, de l'Irlande, de l'Italie, de la Lettonie, du Luxembourg, des Pays-Bas, du Portugal et de la Suède (2 avril 2020) - Covid-19 / Source : La France en Serbie (https://rs.ambafrance.org)

Interview: Supporting Members of Vulnerable Groups Improve their Quality of Life

In 2007, having recognised the need for equal opportunities and combating poverty in society, the United Nations Assembly declared 20 February the World Day of Social Justice. This is to remind us that solidarity is possible only if we behave responsibly towards the most vulnerable social groups, such as people with disabilities. We spoke with Kristina Dragišić, the Manager of the Daily Centre Caritas, about how we care for them, how we help them integrate into society and the working environment and how we can help them improve their quality of life. People in vulnerable social groups face prejudice and stereotypes every day and are often branded as different. How can we support them and help them integrate into society and the working environment? Indeed, Serbian society is still prejudiced about people with mental or intellectual disabilities, the elderly and the disabled. These people often fall victim to social stigma. It is imperative to actively try and change this reality. Th..

RSS News from Belgrade Initiative for Public and Digital Diplomacy

  • “Fighting Like a Lion for Serbia”: An Analysis of Government-Linked Influence Operations in Serbia April 5, 2020
    On March 26, 2020 Twitter announced a takedown of accounts targeting Ser- bian Twitter users. Twitter reported that this network—consisting of approxi- mately 8,500 accounts and more than 43 million tweets—acted in concert to cheerlead for President Aleksandar Vučić and his party, to attack his oppo- nents, and to boost the popularity and visibility of […]
  • Simulating Twitter in International Diplomacy: A New Tool for Teaching April 5, 2020
    Dr Aaron McKeil, Course Tutor, LSE Executive MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy, shares his insights into the use and practice of Twitter in international diplomacy and the benefits of the simulation for teaching and learning. In the early Lent Term, 2020, we delivered a Twitter Diplomacy Simulation through a closed online platform in which students […]
  • Univerzitet Stenford: Botovi SNS-a tvitovali 43 miliona puta April 4, 2020
    Više od osam hiljada botova Srpske napredne stranke koje je Tviter obrisao krajem nedelje sa svoje platforme tema su i prestižnog američkog Univerziteta Stenford koji je objavio opsežnu studiju o njihovom delovanju. Studiju pod nazivom “Lavovska borba za Srbiju: Analiza operacija povezanih sa vlašću u Srbiji” napisao je Daniel Buš koji je na Stenfordu na […]