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More than 250.000 people have been transported in 7 years  through the “Guys, who’s driving...

More than 250.000 summer festival visitors in Serbia have used free and safe transport for the past seven years, as part of the “Who’s driving home?” campaign. This means that HEINEKEN Serbia has transported almost all of Novi Sad, or all of Novi Beograd or even several cities the size of Zaječar through this socially responsible campaign! This award-winning campaign was launched to raise awareness among festival audiences about responsible consumption and responsible and safe traffic behavior. Partnering support was provided by Road Traffic Safety Agency, summer festivals such as Belgrade Beer Fest, Exit Foundation, Heineken® Lovefest, Dance Park Festival, as well as several transportation companies, like Public City Transport Company Belgrade and taxi association. In addition to organized free and safe city and intercity transportation and taxi rides, HEINEKEN Serbia also organized Safe Zones within the festivals, where visitors could additionally have fun, educate and win interest..

«Выездное заседание КСОРС Сербии состоялось в г.Трстеник

В г.Трстеник состоялось выездное заседание Координационного Совета российских соотечественников, проживающих в Сербии. По приглашению городской администрации, председатели обществ российских соотечественников, входящих в состав КС Сербии, посетили город Трстеник и познакомились с традициями этого сербского региона. Заседанию предшествовала проработка вопросов по проведению страновой конференции и комплекта документов для рекомендаций Всемирной тематической конференции соотечественников, проживающих за рубежом «Соотечественницы и преемственность поколений». Председателям ОРС была презентована концепция Всемирной тематической Конференции, на которой кроме пленарного заседания предусмотрена работа 6 секций. Представителем Сербии в ВКС было предложено проведение круглых столов на страновой конференции по направлениям, отражающим темы Всемирной тематической конференции, а по результатам работы сформулировать свои рекомендации и предложения. Очередная страновая конференция состоится 5 ок..

German Ambassador: boycott not good for democracy

AUTHOR: N1 Belgrade According to the ambassador, political debates should be held in parliament, adding that it’s important for the opposition to have the conditions to operate. He recalled the European Union progress report which said that the conditions in parliament are not good and should be changed. “The opposition has indicated that it will boycott the elections (next spring) because it feels that the conditions for fair elections have not been met and now an effort has been made to get things moving within the dialogue (between the opposition and authorities)”, Schieb said adding that Berlin supports that dialogue in principle because it sees it as an important process. Speaking about the Kosovo situation, the ambassador said that everyone is trying to convince Pristina to revoke the 100 percent tariffs on Serbian goods. He recalled that the Quint ambassadors called both sides to abandon any activities which could have a negative effect on the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, incl..

Projekat „Poljske pomoći” u Vršcu

Otpravnik poslova Republike Poljske Andžej Kinđuk izvršio je monitoring razvojnog projekta koji Ambasada realizuje u Vršcu.

Déclaration de presse d’Emmanuel Macron, Président de la République avec Vladimir Poutine, Président de...

Déclaration de presse à l'occasion de l'entretien du Président de la République avec M. Vladimir POUTINE, Président de la Fédération de Russie, 19 août 2019 - Relations diplomatiques / Source : La France en Serbie (https://rs.ambafrance.org)

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    Over the last few years, Chinese state media organs have accelerated a campaign to leverage U.S. social media platforms – namely, Twitter – to promote the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) narrative on several issues. The post DOJ  should take action against China’s Twitter propaganda appeared first on BIDD.
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  • Creativity – It’s Good Business August 22, 2019
    Skip to content Matt Field British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina 22nd August 2019 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Creativity – It’s Good Business This week, like many others, I have been enjoying the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF). I feel particularly lucky that my first as UK Ambassador was the 25th SFF (I will admit to […]

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