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H.E. Mrs. Adela Mayra RUIZ GARCÍA

H.E. Mrs. Adela Mayra RUIZ GARCÍA

adelaThe economic cooperation of Serbia and Cuba is still not on a level we would like it to be. We are working on increasing the trade exchange, stated this country’s ambassador in Belgrade, Adela Mayra Ruiz Garcia. Cuba is a special guest of the Fair of ethno food and beverages, where it will present the national brands such as mojito and molleja. The Cuban Ambassador was interviewed by or reporter Ranka Pavlovic.

Serbia and Cuba are tied by the friendly and fraternal relations and the 70 years of good diplomatic relations, hence our motive for intensification, especially of the economic cooperation, Ambassador Ruiz Garcia said. “We have the political dialog on the highest level, thus our belief that we will continue the cooperation, as there is a common interest in it,” she assessed. “It is a great honor for Cuba to be partaking in the 9th Fair of ethno food and beverages. We would like to present some of our national dishes, such as molleja, a specialty made of entrails. Serbs like the Cuban food, and our drinks and cigars are renowned worldwide,” says our collocutor. The national beverage – mojito – will be served during the fair, and many people will not resist the rhythms of salsa. This energetic dance was again promoted among the Serbian public in mid-November, when the traditional festival of Cuban music and dance was held – “Havana in Belgrade”.

With regards to the improvement of the bilateral relations, her Excellency underlines there is mutual interest for the investments in the field of pharmacy and bio-technologies, especially the production of seeds. There is also cooperation in the tourism sector, and the number of Serbian tourists in Cuba is growing by the year. Mayra Ruiz Garcia has emphasized that in march this year a new law on foreign investments was passed in Cuba, and the presentation of ore than 600 options for cooperation was made. Also, an economy fair was recently held in Havana, which is the most important event of that kind in the Caribbean region. The fair was attended by more than 300 representatives from many countries of the Latin America, as well as Europe. Planned for the next year is the seminar on the possibilities of cooperation with Cuba, and Serbia is one of the countries we strive to work with, she noted.

Last summer, a specific program of activities in this are was agreed upon. Also arranged were the measures for the establishing of business and research connections in the sectors of health protection and pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the domain of cancer prevention and treatment. Highlighted as other areas of cooperation that have good perspective are the agriculture, food industry, tourism and renewable energy sources

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