Friday, September 25, 2020

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Skip to content Sian MacLeod UK Ambassador to Serbia Part of Digital Diplomacy FCDO Outreach UK in Serbia 21st September 2020 Belgrade, Serbia The Online Diplomat The Online Diplomat I was recently asked to open a conference on communications. Because of the public health situation the conference was held virtually, that is to say, online. It’s a dangerous thing to be an amateur opening a conference of professionals. To do so using their own medium was, to use typically British irony, ‘courageous’. I realised that I was probably in more need of advice from the experts than they were from me. But as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Diplomacy, broadly speaking is about policy, people and places. A diplomat’s life and work is about presenting policy, meeting people and visiting places. That’s tricky just now. I wouldn’t go as far as a well-known commentator for Carnegie Europe who said that coronavirus had “brought diplomatic activity to a standstill”. But ..


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Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the article issued...

In response to article entitled "Taiwan could help the world recover from the virus", published on the website of Danas daily newspaper citing the so-called Minister of Foreign Affairs of the "Republic of China (Taiwan)" as the author, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia takes this opportunity to underline that the aforementioned article is absolutely opposite to the state policy of Serbia which has lent a consistent and principled support to the "One-China" policy as well as to the territorial integrity of China.


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Air Quality in Belgrade


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  • Russische Marine: Das U-Boot «Kazan» erfüllt die Kursaufgabe auf See September 24, 2020
    Das Mehrzweck-Atom-U-Boot K-561 «Kazan» des Projekts 885M (Code «Yasen-M») führt im Rahmen von Seeversuchen Elemente der zweiten Kursaufgabe im Weißen Meer durch. Dies wurde am Donnerstag, dem 24. September 2020, vom Pressedienst deron unter Bezugnahme auf das Verteidigungsministerium der Russischen Föderation angekündigt. «Während des Ausstiegs aus dem Weißen Meer arbeitet die Besatzung des Atom-U-Bootes von […]
  • Militär: Überschallbomber Tu-160-Flug in einer Woche entlang der Grenzen des Unionsstaats September 24, 2020
    Strategische Überschall-Raketenträger Tupolev Tu-160 führte im Rahmen der Übung Slavic Brotherhood 2020 den zweiten Flug in einer Woche entlang der Westgrenzen des Unionsstaats Russland und Weißrusslands durch. Dies wurde am Donnerstag, den 24. September 2020 von der russischen Militärabteilung angekündigt. «Zwei russische Überschallraketen mit Tu-160-Langstreckenflugzeugen vom Flugplatz Engels (Region Saratow) unternahmen einen Sonderflug entlang der […]

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  • L’Union économique eurasiatique peut élqrgir ses margé pour Cuba September 24, 2020
    Cuba peut obtenir le statut d’observateur auprès de l’UEEA d’ici la fin de l’année. La décision d’accorder à Cuba le statut d’État observateur au titre de l’Union économique eurasiatque peut être prise d’ici la fin de 2020, a informée le service de presse de l’organisation internatioale à la suite des résultats des consultations conjointes de […]
  • Jean Castex annonce une hausse de 8 % du budget de la justice September 24, 2020
    Le locateur de Matignon veut donner un coup de souffle budgétaire au ministère de la Justice. Cette idée a été annoncé lors de l’émission « Vous avez la parole » de France 2, jeudi 24 septembre. Le Premier ministre a ainsi annoncé une augmentation du budget de la justice de 8 % en 2021, du « jamais vu » […]

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  • To harness the AI age, governments must keep these 7 factors in mindTo harness the AI age, governments must keep these 7 factors in mind
    Governments should weight AI and data competitiveness as heavily as other economic and social improvements. Factors such as investment in research and tech literacy are key to ensuring competitiveness in the long term. Economic performance, cooperation and productivity are undergoing cataclysmic disruptions. Alongside these changes, data and AI are poised… Read more »
  • ‘Digital diplomacy’ at the UN General Assembly‘Digital diplomacy’ at the UN General Assembly
    The annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, which begins today in New York, usually involves a long convoy of limousines on the streets of Manhattan as world leaders and their entourages congregate to discuss the world’s problems.But even as the UN marks its 75th birthday, one of the… Read more »
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