Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Britanski savet British Council


Britanski savet
British Council
Terazije 8/II, Beograd
Tel: 011 3023 800
Faks: 011 3023 898

Work of British Council focuses on promotion of British art, education, science and language.
In cooperation with Serbian and UK partners they deliver training programmes and organise creative events, such as workshops, seminars, language courses, stage productions.

Our goal is to build bridges of trust and understanding among people around the world. Through our programmes, we give opportunities to hundreds of millions of people worldwide to learn about British culture and creativity.

In this section

Our work in arts

Our arts team in Serbia work with the best of British creative talent to deliver innovative, high-quality events and develop collaborations with artists and cultural institutions.

Our work in education and society

Working with partners, we promote reform, improve quality and enable access to high quality education while fostering greater cultural understanding between citizens of the UK and Serbia.