A briefing was held today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Innovation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries, entitled "Joint Vision for Innovative Future", to take place in Belgrade on 8 and 9 October 2019.
The preparatory meeting for the conference was co-chaired by MFA State Secretary Nemanja Stevanovic and Minister without portfolio in the Government of the Republic of Serbia in charge of innovation and technological development Nenad Popovic, who will host the forthcoming conference.
The meeting was attended by Embassy representatives from countries taking part in the China and CEEC mechanism, within 17 + 1 format: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, PR of China, Poland, Romania, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Czech Republic. Also present were representatives of other Serbian ministries and institutions included in the organization of this conference – representatives of the Government of Serbia, of the Office of the Minister for Innovation and Technological Development, Office of the Minister for Mining and Energy/Serbia's National Coordinator for China-SEEC cooperation and of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

The Serbian side provided detailed information to the participants on the ongoing preparations and segments of the conference determined so far which would in addition to the Ministerial meeting also host a separate event, i.e. Business Forum "2nd Innovation Talk Conference". The countries which had not officially confirmed their attendance were asked to do so in order to ensure efficient and appropriate preparations for the Conference.
The guests were also informed that in addition to ministerial-level delegations, the Conference would also be attended by representatives of industrial and science/technological parks, business incubators, universities, companies and start-ups in the fields of artificial intelligence, cyber security, smart cities, railways, e-commerce, robotics, etc.Original Article