(Last Updated On: March 13, 2024)

In a commendable celebration of International Women’s Day, the International Women’s Club (IWC) held a distinguished event at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 8th

The ceremony commenced with a warm introduction by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dačić. Following the introductory remarks, attendees had the privilege of embarking on a tour of the Museum of Serbian Diplomacy, an exclusive opportunity to delve into the history and achievements of Serbian diplomacy within the esteemed premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Among the event’s notable guests was HRH Crown Princess Katherine, underscoring the significance of the day and the event itself. Adding to the day’s highlights, Mrs. Barbora Kuchtova, the esteemed president of the IWC and spouse of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, addressed the gathering. Her speech not only introduced the members of the organization but also extended a heartfelt greeting to all guests, emphasizing the club’s role in fostering international friendship and collaboration.

The event, beyond its ceremonial aspects, offered a tangible expression of appreciation and recognition for the women of IWC. Members were warmly greeted with flowers, a symbolic gesture of respect and celebration on International Women’s Day, accompanied by an array of refreshments. This gathering at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, marked by both its prestigious setting and distinguished guests, reflected the spirit of unity, appreciation, and respect that defines International Women’s Day.

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