“Customs and holidays of a people always represent a good opportunity to learn more about each other.  We therefore celebrate Saint Lucia in Serbia, with whom we have great relations and cooperation. When we understand and acknowledge each other, mutually respect customs, tradition and holidays, we also strengthen relations between two countries. I had an opportunity to learn a lot about Serbia through its holidays, customs and traditions“, said the ambassador of Sweden H.E. Jan Lundin.

In Sweden, Saint Lucia symbolizes light in the long winter nights and is celebrated when the nights get darker and winters get colder. She is known as a girl, in a white dress with a red ribbon around her waist and a candle-lit crown on her head. This is why she is called the Lightbringer, the one who brings warmth and hope into homes. The Swedes mark Saint Lucia with gingerbread cookies and warm wine, glögg. On this day, according to the customs, the kids dressed in long white dresses, wake up their parents in the early morning with traditional songs, coffee and cookies.

Following the three-minute long film about Saint Lucia, the visitors had a unique opportunity to listen to and experience the Saint Lucia songs performed by the mezzo-soprano, Ana Sinicki accompanied by the pianist, Milica Lundin.

In the framework of the Swedish celebration of Saint Lucia, the Embassy also launched its first cookbook “Swedish Culinary Diplomacy” by the Chef of the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade, Lars Ekberg.  Regarding how cookery and diplomacy are related, how much we can learn about nations through their cuisines and regarding his own experiences, the author of the cookbook Lars Ekberg said:

“Within diplomacy, cuisine is considered to be one of the oldest tools for interaction and represents an integral part of important negotiations. To be a Chef in the name of Sweden is a pleasure and a challenge. I try to make dishes with domestic ingredients in a Swedish way. With this book we show that the dishes found on the ambassador’s dining table are accessible to everyone, in the way they are prepared but also in the way they are enjoyed.”

The launch of this book also announces the marking of 100 years since Serbia and Sweden established diplomatic ties with a range of activities planned throughout 2017. One such activity will emphasize the importance of producing healthy food in a sustainable society.

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Article source: http://www.swedenabroad.com/Pages/StandardPage.aspx?id=114147&epslanguage=en-GB