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(Last Updated On: November 9, 2020)

The shining whiteness of the dentition is synonymous with health and decency. It is a source of attraction and youth. It is a ticket to new emotional relationships and a prerequisite for any serious job and career. A beautiful smile cannot be hidden! But the aesthetics of the teeth is just a reflection of the overall health of the mouth!

Spec Periodontology and oral medicine Dr Milan Pavlović
Hollywood smile implies bright white teeth, without gaps in a row, of regular shape, adjusted to the physiognomy of the face. For the impression of a perfect smile, they must appear naturally. This like of the teeth row gives a new look to the face, self-confidence and 20 years – less!

At the dental clinic Dr Milan Pavlović they say that a certain number of patients understand the importance of maintaining dental health and regularly come for preventive examinations. Some appear only when acute changes occur, in the form of caries, pain and swelling. While for most patients, the primary reason for coming to this renowned clinic is to solve the problem of missing teeth.

Dental Clinic Dr Milan Pavlović, has been around for almost three decades. With high expertise and dedication, here is practicing:


Regarding the long-term preservation of the health of existing teeth or prosthetic restorations, the Dr Milan Pavlović Clinic estimates that ENDODONTICS  is “challenge”  and foundation of dentistry. This is because, unlike some other areas in dentistry, it is not easily accessible to the doctor’s eye.

It involves extraction, removal of the infected nerve of the tooth, treatment of the space- a canal in which it was located, filling that space with the appropriate substance and filling. Tooth canal is processed by machine instrumentation which enables precision and efficiency of work. The length of the tooth canal is determined by the apex locator, which provides complete reliability and excludes the possibility of any possible omission and subsequent complications. The procedure is performed with digital monitoring, where the condition is checked immediately before and after the intervention.  Without quality endodontics, any future work in dentistry is risky and compromised. Only a quality endodontically treated tooth, even though it has been treated, is a permanent tooth. Compared to some earlier period, endodontics is performed today without the use of material that devitalizes the nerve. It is completely painless and is usually done in one visit to the dentist. The digital display, through the monitor in the doctor’s practice, allows the patient to see the condition of the tooth canal before and after the intervention.

Cardiovascular patients are advised to visit the dentist. Because, according to research in the world, dental disease is emphasized as a high cause of cardiovascular diseases, with more dangerous consequences for the cardiovascular system than high cholesterol or tobacco smoke.

Regardless of the number of dental canals and possible deviations in their morphology, which is a common occurrence, endoscopic processing is performed in this clinic with top precision and quality.

 PERIODONTOPATHY is a disease of the supporting apparatus of the teeth. It can occur as early as the teenager age. Depending on the degree of the disease, it is treated conservatively or surgically for advanced disease. The frequency of periodontitis and the risks of untimely remediation of this problem are precisely the reason for the necessary and regular dental examinations.

With complete preservation of health and function, AESTHETICS  of teeth can be solved by making a veneer, facets or crowns. Also by teeth whitening, which patients can do themselves at home with the help of foil and gel that they get in the practice. But it is most often performed in the practice.

By making metal-free crowns, a teeth row is obtained, which with the transparency, color, refraction of light leaves the impression of perfect whiteness and naturalness. 

In the absence of a dentition, in case of individual, partial or complete lack of teeth, the following PROSTHETIC REPLACEMENTS are made:

 -Crowns and bridges that can be metal-ceramic or metal free-ceramic. These are fixed works that fully satisfy the functional and aesthetic criteria, which is why they have the greatest application in practice.

-Crowns and bridges on implants, where the installation of implants allows patients to get mobile, or more often fixed work. The most modern implants of the brand are installed: Straumman and Nobel biocer.

-Partial dentures that are mobile, have attachments that function on the principle of the snaps

-Total prostheses, which are not functional enough, have been less represented in recent years. Even the oldest patients are less and less opting for such prosthetic solutions.

Healthy gums are pale pink, granular in structure with slight irregularities on the surface. Sick gums are very pink, palpated under the fingers of a smooth surface, swollen.

In the dental clinic Dr Milan Pavlović is also pointing out the importance of oral health in the context of maintaining overall health. It is stated that in all recent studies in the world in recent years, the causal link between dental pathology and the appearance of some systemic diseases has been unequivocally confirmed.

Clinic Team Spec Periodontology and oral medicine Dr Milan Pavlović.
Dr of Dentistry Milena Dujković
The consultants of the clinic are professors of the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade.

The existence of inflammatory processes of teeth, caries or periodontitis have been confirmed as direct causes of cardiovascular problems, pancreatic cancer, unsuccessful in vitro fertilization … Tooth diseases, for example, have been emphasized in recent studies as a high cause of cardiovascular diseases, with more severe and devastating consequences for the cardio system than the danger of high cholesterol or tobacco smoke. Therefore, the treatment of some diseases certainly deserves a more integrative approach. In the procedure of cardiovascular treatment, the patient should be referred to the dentist for an examination.

Due to the existence of urgent and exigent interventions, we had the recommendation to work all the time and during the state of emergency. With all the preventive health and hygiene measures that are not foreign to us, we have been practically applying them since the first day of private practice. Like wearing masks, protective gloves, hygienic hand washing, sterilization of instruments by default. The novelty in the application of the measures is only the frequent disinfection of the space and the prescribed mutual distance of the patients, whose terms and schedule of the reception are otherwise scheduled.

Dental Clinic Dr Milan Pavlović was founded in 1992. Interventions are performed using the most modern techniques and materials available on the market, by health protocols and trends in the world. Apart from citizens living in the capital or in the interior of Serbia, the patients of this practice are citizens living abroad, coming mainly by recommendation. The founder of the clinic is Spec. Periodontology and oral medicine Dr Milan Pavlović. He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade, where he also specialized. He is a member of several international professional associations and a participant in all major congresses and gatherings in the world. The consultants of the clinic are professors of the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade. Communication is in English. Dental clinic Dr Milan Pavlović is located in the heart of the city, in Makedonska street .

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