(Last Updated On: November 20, 2020)

The special hospital for the treatment of addiction disorders, Dr Vorobjev in Belgrade, is part of the international clinic Vorobjev, which has hospitals in several countries, applying for specialized treatment programs. In practice, alcohol, opiate, cocaine and pill withdrawal procedures are equally represented. The therapy is carried out with the application of various techniques, including complete detoxification of the organism, painlessly, with complete comfort for the patient, distinguishing this clinic from others. In terms of the EFFICIENCY of healing the most severe forms of addiction, Dr Vorobjev’s clinic has been a brand in the world for years.

For his contribution to the treatment of addiction in the world, Dr Vorobjev Clinic is the winner of this year’s award Rose of Paracelsus as well as the Golden Quality Awards, 2018 in New York.

The patients of the clinic are people who have the problem of addiction to alcohol, gambling, all kinds of drugs, pills, and in recent years, video games. Clinic’s patients are also people with the impaired mental health of various etiologies, which are manifested by anxiety, fear, depression…

The Dr Vorobjev clinic successfully solves long-lasting, decades-long problems. Tablet mania is cited as a form of addiction that requires a lot of work with the patient. It is also considered to be the most present type of addiction because of benzodiazepine-based tablets (diazepam, Xanax, salol, bromazepam … bensedine) are easily available to people. In terms of the severity of treatment, it is stated that people who use pills are in the rank of heroin addicts.

One of the reasons for the increasing consumption of narcotics is their availability on the market.

ADDICTION PROBLEMS arise due to the action of personality factors, environment, the effects of narcotics and their accessibility. The initial reasons for the development of addiction in young people are lack of self-confidence, boredom, curiosity, desire for affirmation, and identification with group members. The impact of stress and the complex situations that a person encounters during maturation can also be causes of addiction. Instead of facing the problem, the person escapes from reality by taking narcotics.

EFFECT OF DRUGS – initially provides a feeling of euphoria and satisfaction. This effect decreases with each subsequent intake. However, the person is forced to continue to use them, to prevent the symptoms of an abstinence crisis: pain, spasm, lethargy, weakness, depression, insomnia, fear, anxiety. The patient is in a vicious circle.

There are several reasons why young people start taking narcotics:
-Lack of knowledge about the harmful consequences
– Susceptibility to environmental influences
– Overestimated possibilities of own (self) control
-Desire to prove and stand out in the group
-Identification with celebrities
– A desire to be in trend

TREATMENT – is achieved by reducing and completely eliminating physical and mental dependence, based on an individual program of therapy and application of techniques:





– PSYCHO therapy


Detoxification – is a cleansing of the body, extremely effective in the treatment of opiates, since they create a strong physical dependence accompanied by an abstinence crisis. It is performed with anaesthesia, medication, infusion, WITHOUT PAIN and unpleasantness for the patient.

Aversive procedures – are used for addiction to alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine and other psychostimulants. The effect is achieved by developing a negative reflex (disgust) towards the mentioned substances.

Metabolic procedures – speed up the processes in the body and help the detoxification process.

Pharmaco-hypnosis – IBOGAINE is mostly used, a procedure that helps in psycho-stabilization and reduction of the desire for the substance.

Psychotherapy – is performed in the form of individual, family or group therapy.

Blockade – is performed by the application of depot injections, which act as blockers on alcohol, opiates, cocaine, amphetamine and other substances.

Marijuana is presented as harmless. It is present in the life of young people and it is becoming a social and cultural feature, a trend. In fact, there is no real consciousness on many problems which can be caused.

People who are on one of the treatment programs are aged between 16 and 70, among which the most numerous are those with an optimal age between 35 and 50 years. The most common forms of youth addiction are marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, gambling and video games. While in the elderly, problems with alcoholism and opiates are common. Patients also come from all EU countries, Russia, Canada, USA. There are intellectuals, artists and people in high, influential and responsible positions in government, management, business. 

Founder and owner of the clinic, Anaesthesia Spec. Dr Nikolai Vorobjev

The founder of the clinic is Anaesthesia Specialist Dr Nikolai Vorobjev, who dedicated his professional career to developing and perfecting methods of treating addiction. The physicians of the clinic are regular participants in congresses and professional gatherings. The treatment is carried out according to the highest professional and ethical standards. The clinic is the winner of the highest awards and recognitions in the world.

Spec. anaesthesiologist sub. spec. narcologist Dr Alexey Elistratov

The director of the clinic in Belgrade and the chief doctor is Spec. anaesthesiologist sub. spec. narcologist Dr Alexey Elistratov. He studied in Russia, the USA and Germany. He has been engaged in Serbia since the establishment of the clinic in 2007.

The organization of treatment, with the application of different programs, takes place in two facilities, in a pleasant environment with a lot of recreational contents. Dr Vorobjev Clinic with a capacity of 30 patients is located in St. Sremskih boraca 2 E, in Zemun. The other part of the clinic called VIP Vorobjev is located in St. Hemigvejeva 6. It can accommodate 5 patients, which enables the application of a more intensive therapy program, more complex treatments, individual commitment to the patient, privacy, with the use of numerous recreational facilities: tennis, billiards, swimming pools, gym.



Dr Vorobjev Clinic in Belgrade

Sremskih Boraca 2E
Belgrade, Zemun – Serbia

Phone: +381 63 247 777