Event Type : National Day


02junalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF ITALY National Day: June 2nd - Republic Day

05junalldayalldayROYAL DANISH EMBASSYNational Day: June 5th - Constitution Day

05junalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES National Day: June 5th

06junalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE KINGDOM OF SWEDEN National Day: June 6th

10junalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF PORTUGAL National Day: June 10th

11junalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF MONGOLIANational Day: June 11th

12junalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATIONNational Day: June 12th

12junalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINESNational Day: June 12th

17junalldayalldayCONSULATE OF ICELAND National Day: June 17th – Independence Day

24junalldayalldayOF ST. JOHN OF JERUSALEM OF RHODES AND OF MALTANational Day: June 24th – St. John the Baptist

25junalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIANational Day: June 25th – Statehood Day

25junalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIANational Day: June 25th

28junalldayalldayRepublic of Serbia Public holidays – Kosovo Battle Remembrance Day, 28 JuneVidovdan- Kosovo Battle Remembrance Day, 28 June

30junalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGONational Day: June 30th – Independence Day


01julalldayalldayEMBASSY OF CANADANational Day: July 1st - Canada Day

03julalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS National Day: July 3rd (Independence Day/Day of the Republic)

04julalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICANational Day: July 4th - Independence Day

05julalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELANational Day: July 5th-Independence Day

13julalldayalldayEMBASSY OF MONTENEGRO National Day: July 13th – Statehood Day

14julalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF FRANCENational Day: July 14th

21julalldayalldayROYAL BELGIAN EMBASSY National Day: July 21st

23julalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPTNational Day: July 23rd

28julalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF PERUNational Day: July 28th - Independence Day

30julalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE KINGDOM OF MOROCCO National Day: July 30th (Fête du Trône)


01augalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE SWISS CONFEDERATION National Day: August 1st - Confederation Day

02augalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIANational Day: August 2nd

06augalldayalldayCONSULATE OF JAMAICANational Day: August 6 – Independence Day

10augalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF ECUADORNational Day: August 10th – Independence Day

17augalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIANational Day: August 17th - Independence Day

17augalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF GABON National Day: August 17th

24augalldayalldayEMBASSY OF UKRAINENational Day: August 24th - Independence Day

31augalldayalldayEMBASSY OF MALAYSIANational Day: August 31st


01sepalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE SLOVAK REPUBLICNational Day: September 1st - Constitution Day

03sepalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINONational Day: September 3rd – Republic Day

07sepalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF BRAZILNational Day: September 7th

16sepalldayalldayEMBASSY OF MEXICONational Day: September 16th

18sepalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF CHILENational Day: September 18th – Independence Day

21sepalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIANational Day: September 21st – Independence Day


01octalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINANational Day: October 1st

01octalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUSNational Day: October 1st

01octalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIANational Day: October 1st

02octalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF GUINEANational Day: October 2nd - Independence Day Anniversary

03octalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANYNational Day: October 3rd (German Reunion Day)

03octalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOREANational Day: October 3rd

09octalldayalldayCONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDANational Day: October 9th - Independence Day

12octalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE KINGDOM OF SPAIN National Day: October 12th

23octalldayalldayEMBASSY OF HUNGARYNational Day: October 23rd

24octalldayalldayUNITED NATIONS OFFICE IN BELGRADE (UNOB)UN Day – October 24th


28octalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE CZECH REPUBLICNational Day: October 28th

29octalldayalldayEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEYNational Day: October 29th – Republic Day

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