President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić received today the Ambassador of Canada Kathleen Csaba on a farewell visit and thanked her for her contribution to strengthening political dialogue between the two countries and cooperation in various fields, especially economy, during her three-year diplomatic post in Belgrade.

President Vučić and Ambassador Csaba stated that the inflow of Canadian investments is on the rise because more than 50 Canadian companies are currently operating on the Serbian market. Although mostly from the field of mining and energy, Ambassador Csaba pointed out that Serbia is a very good destination for investments in various economic areas and that she promoted it in Canada, providing Canadian business people with more information about the good results of the Serbian economy. 
The two interlocutors welcomed the entry into force of the Air Transport Agreement. They expressed hope that a direct airline between Belgrade and Toronto would be opened soon, which would contribute to the improvement of economic relations, as well as better perception and connection of Serbian and Canadian citizens. In this context, they pointed out that the Serbian community living on Canadian soil is the essential bridge between Serbia and Canada.
President Vučić expressed his gratitude for the support that Canada provides to Serbia’s European path. Ambassador Csaba pointed out that the reforms Serbia is undertaking aimed at joining the EU are also crucial for improving the conditions for investment and business.
Ambassador Csaba expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by Serbia in repatriation of Canadian citizens following the outbreak of the pandemic, as well as her regard for how the Serbian authorities successfully responded to the challenges of the pandemic.
President Vučić wished Ambassador Csaba much success in her future private and professional life.
29th September 2020