Five Finnish top-level companies – Ariterm, KPA Unicon, Miksei, Molok and Valmet – gathered at the Ambassador’s residence on Wednesday 12 October to present what they have to offer in the field of bioenergy to Serbian stakeholders.

Program Manager Saku Liuksia from Finpro mentioned the large potential of the Western Balkans and emphasized bridge-building as well as long-term cooperation between companies in Finland and Serbia.

There is a strong expertise in the cleantech and bioenergy field in Finland. Thanks to the harsh climate, long distances, and lack of fossil fuels, Finland has become a global leader in utilizing biomass for energy production. Both wood and biomass of agricultural origin are used for bioenergy in Finland.

Having always had a vast amount of forest instead of fossil fuels, Finland has invested heavily in extensive bioenergy research, development and infrastructure. The results of this investment can be seen in the high share of bioenergy in total energy consumption as well as Finland being awarded 2nd place in the Global Cleantech Innovation Index of 2014 and EU Eco-innovation index of 2013.

Ariterm specializes in efficient and reliable bio-heating systems, KPA Unicon produces customized and modular boiler and power plant solutions, Molok manufactures innovative semi-underground waste containers, and Valmet offers biomass-based heat and power generation solutions. Miksei’s CFB project involves a number of bioenergy companies that offer green, forest-based energy solutions for heat and power supply.