Gender Equality – from Equal Rights to Equal Opportunities

A scientific gathering titled ‘Gender Equality – from Equal Rights to Equal Opportunities’ shall open on Friday, 27 September, under the auspices of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and in the organization of the Board for the Study of Minorities and Human Rights. Academician Vladimir S. Kostić, SASA president and Academician Tibor Varadi, president of the Organizing Board, will speak at the opening which is scheduled at 10 a.m. at the SASA Grand Hall.

The organization of the gathering was driven by the awareness that there are numerous obstacles to exercise human rights without any kind of gender-based discrimination, these rights being guaranteed by the international and national legislature. Therefore, the emphasis of the scientific gathering is precisely on the necessity of overcoming this gap between the equality guaranteed by the legislature and the reality which asserts that in fact there are still no equal opportunities for every person to enjoy their rights. The lectures focus on gender dimension in various areas of the society, and they include context and theoretical approach, basic human rights and their protection, education and science, economy and labour, political life, public politics, and the media

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