The ceremony was opened by the minister of economy in Serbia, Goran Knežević, the Danish Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Anders Hougaard, mayor of Inđija, Vladimir Gak, and the director of Grundfos in Serbia, Veljko Todorović together with the COO of the company, Stephanne Simonetta.

Grundfos now has over 750 employees in the production drive in Inđija, and is one of the most sophisticated factories of its kind in the region. They also has managed to put its name on the list of the 10 biggest exporters of Serbia, exporting over 200 million euros worth of products last year.

The Ambassador to Serbia, Anders Hougaard said: ”We consider ourselves a world champion when it comes to the UN sustainable development goals, and Grundfos is one of the companies to help Denmark build this image.’’ He also praised Grundfos for being a standing example of the good cooperation between Denmark and Serbia, having proven that Danish investments in Serbia tend to be export-oriented and bring nothing but great contribution to Serbian economic growth and EU integrations.

Minister of economy said, ‘’The fact that this company has successfully been doing business in Serbia for ten years goes to show that Serbia is a good place for foreign investments.’’ He also added that this new plant, worth over 2 million euros will contribute to protecting the environment and that he believes Grundfos will also continue with developing and creating new job openings in Inđija.

The director of Grundfos, Serbia, Veljko Todorović announced that this investment will provide an even more efficient production with a reduced water consumption and an even better care for the environment, while the mayor of Inđija, Vladimir Gak announced that there will be ten new foreign companies in the industrial park to be neighbors to Grundfos.

The Bio Booster is the only plant of its kind outside of Scandinavia. It is energy efficient and modular, as well as enabling companies or the public sector to set this solution up and shortly start wastewater treatment.

Grundfos will use this plant to not only reduce their own water consumption and increase recycling level when it comes to water, but these capacities will be offered to other companies in Inđija for their own use, as mentioned by the company’s officials.

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