Dr Brankica Milojevic - Specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2020)

Hair is a sign of youth and naturalness. Its gradual or abrupt loss reflects the overall look and appearance. Thinned hair gives the impression of ageing. Bald spots on your head make you look middle-aged and grey. With the latest techniques, you can have new hair in a day without trauma, pain, suturing and scars, in Dr. Milojevic – Hair Transplant Clinic. In just one afternoon, with minimal traces of intervention, you get your new look and lose ten years.

The first serious hair loss most often starts between 30-40 years of age. This decreases attractiveness and confidence. The transplant procedure first involves the creation of a front hairline that matches your facial features. The formation of the front hairline changes your face physiognomy. Your facial expression alters, giving you the overall appearance of youthfulness, spontaneity, and naturalness.

In Dr. Milojevic – Hair Transplant Clinic, the latest microsurgical hair transplant technique is used, practiced by the most prestigious clinics in the world. It is conducted by a precise, least invasive method, using certified microsurgical instruments. With the hair transplant technique, the existing hair growth angle is monitored. The transplanted hair looks integrated and natural. It provides full and lasting effect, in one visit, with full comfort to the patient.

Dr. Milojevic is a specialist in plastic surgery and is specially trained in hair transplantation with more than ten years of experience. She is licensed by the London Hair Restoration Academy, DHI Global Medical Group, holds numerous certificates from international seminars, as well as a license to train and supervise new staff for hair transplants in Serbia and the rest of the world. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, where she specialized in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

She has completed hundreds of interventions in her professional career:

-Hair transplants in men and women

– Body hair transplantations

– Eyebrow transplantations (reconstruction)

-Beard transplantations (reconstruction)

– Non-surgical treatments of hair loss (PRP, Minoxides, Propecia, laser…)

She is constantly upgrading many years of her experience in hair transplantation through the worldwide achievements in this surgical field, participations in the international congresses and conferences. She also holds certificates in the fields of oncology, microsurgery, cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine. The staff of the clinic of Dr. Milojevic successfully perform:

-Reconstructions of scars of different etiology of origin (face-lifting, injuries)

– Eyelid corrections

– Corrections of lop ear deformities

– Applications of a Botox filler

– Early detections of skin tumors and examinations of moles (dermoscopy)

-Tumor removals, reconstructions …

Dr. Milojevic is a member of many domestic professional associations and international associations: SRBPRAS, SRBSAPS, BAPRAS, IPRAS. She performs interventions personally, with maximum involvement and full commitment to the patient.


Hair transplant clinic “Dr Milojevic”

Generala Štefanika 19 naselje, Beograd 11041

Phone 064 2702 727



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