IM CLINIC Special Hospital for Internal Medicine
IM CLINIC Special Hospital for Internal Medicine

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2020)

Impaired vitality within one system in the body is inevitably reflected on the function of other organs and overall health. The consequences of impaired physiology are manifested by symptoms of different origin and intensity: from hidden, less pronounced to very conspicuous and unpleasant for the patient. Formal medicine focuses on alleviating visible symptoms in treatment and therapies are carried out with pharmaceuticals, partial access to the organs of individual systems.

Patients are treated naturally, using the regenerative potential of their own tissues.

IM CLINIC Special Hospital for Internal Medicine is one of the few in the region, specialized and equipped for a complex, comprehensive approach to patient treatment. The success of therapy in the most severe chronic diseases is focused on the individual, holistic principle and the application of regenerative medicine techniques.


While in official medicine the treatment is based on the elimination of symptoms, which are the consequences and the iceberg tip of the problem, in IM Clinic the therapy is carried out on a holistic principle. The disease is treated as the basis and CAUSE of the problem. The approach is based on cognition about the conditionality of functions and the importance of establishing their balance to heal, based on the results of research by Western and Russian medicine. 

Therapy is carried out on the achievements of REGENERATIVE and AUTOLOGICAL medicine and the principle of (self) healing. It is a holistic, complete and natural way of treatment, which is applied by engaging the body’s own cellular composition. This is an essentially different approach comparing to official medicine because the therapy actually acts on the cause of the disease. And it is individually adjusted to the patient’s organism.

The clinic has dozens of modern devices, which allows it to apply the largest number of techniques in the regeneration of organs and cells.

Diagnosis in IM CLINIC is performed with devices, which technologically correspond to the results of the latest medical studies, by detecting less visible, accompanying changes in the clinical pattern, which can reliably indicate a conditional-causal relationship in the genesis of the diagnosis.

Examinations include all aspects of physical and mental health: complete endocrinological diagnostics: metabolism, Body Mass Composition, condition of the cardiovascular system, neurological and physiatrist examinations, mineral level analyzes and other laboratory analyzes.

In the description of the work of the IM Clinic, there are several programs in order to:

Dr Rosmy Barrios
Aesthetic medicine and anti-aging specialist

IMPROVING GENERAL PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH – which prolongs the vitality of the organism. This program slows down the ageing process of tissue and organ cells and is a prevention for the development of diseases. It is effective in weakening the health condition as a consequence of stress and falling immunity with symptoms of insomnia, headache, fatigue, tiredness, allergies, obesity, indigestion etc. It is also intended for healthy people in terms of disease prevention.

REGENERATION OF THE SKELETAL SYSTEM AND SOFT TISSUES – enables the renewal of skeletal cells, musculature and cartilage, in orthopaedic and rheumatic conditions, caused by injuries and osteoporosis. The most common symptoms are poor mobility and pain in the bone and joint system. 

AESTHETICS – correction and rejuvenation of the face and body, using less invasive techniques that have a beneficial effect on physical appearance and take years back.

TREATMENT OF ACUTE AND CHRONIC DISEASES – therapies in the field of internal medicine, gastroenterology, pulmonology, neurology…

In cooperation with a clinic in Moscow, the latest program is intended for patients who have undergone COVID 19. The therapy is performed with devices for stimulation of respiratory capacities, with a proven beneficial effect on the respiratory organs. Even with changes that have affected a large area of lung tissue, therapy can achieve a significant degree of regeneration.

The therapy plan is conceived according to the patient’s health condition individually and is implemented on the principle of activating one’s own cellular potential for regeneration-healing. Patients are people from the world of politics, business, sports, entertainment, mostly foreign nationals,  which come on recommendation from EU countries, the USA, and Russia. There are also citizens from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Athletes from elite clubs and sheikhs are coming.

IM CLINIC is one of the few in the region, which combines high specialization in one place with the application of the largest number of techniques, with the help of the largest number of modern devices with multiple efficiencies in injuries, inflammation, wounds, pain, anxiety, fatigue, impaired functions or dysfunctions of various organs and system:

HILT laser, intended for pain relief

EMSELLA chair promotes regeneration in the urogenital tract

OXYVEN provides oxygenation of organs by direct application of oxygen to the blood

MBST (Nuclear Magnetic resonance Therapy), reduces inflammatory processes and stimulates bone and muscle regeneration …

SPARK WAVE– restores the blood system, stimulates bone and cartilage regeneration

ELECTROTHERAPY – eliminates pain, nervousness, stimulates brain impulses, regulates sleep

Also applied: Ozone therapy, Laser and Radiofrequency therapy, Hydrocolon therapy, PRP, Exosome therapy

IM CLINIC has existed in Belgrade for five years. It has 50 employees, including doctors from the EU and Moscow, specialists in internal medicine, neurology and dermatology. The founder of the clinic is a Swiss-Russian company. IM CLINIC in Belgrade is part of the hospital in Moscow. There is also a branch of the clinic in Slovenia, in Rogaška Slatina, where patients are often referred for rehabilitation, after completing therapy in Belgrade.

Spec. of Anaesthesiology Dr Igor Bolbukh

The leading doctor of IM CLINIC in Belgrade is spec. of Anaesthesiology Dr Igor Bolbukh. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and specialized in Moscow. He attended pieces of training and specializations in anti-ageing and regenerative medicine and has numerous certificates, including the Clinic for Anti-Aging Medicine in Paris, headed by the famous French doctor Claude Chouchard. Dr Igor Bolbukh is a member of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine. He is a member of the Medical Chamber of Serbia (LKS) also.

The clinic is located in Zemun, Belgrade. It is located on four levels, in an area of one thousand square meters. The clinic has a centre for neurology and physiotherapy, a centre for detoxification with the use of colon hydrotherapy, a centre for aesthetic medicine and the application of non-invasive aesthetic techniques… It has terraces, a dining room, recreation rooms, and 7 luxuriously furnished apartments in light pastel colours.

IM Clinic

Ugrinovacki put 16a Belgrade, Serbia

Mobile: +381 63 499 799