(Last Updated On: March 8, 2024)

The Italian Embassy in Serbia, led by the Ambassador of Italy to Serbia, H.E. Luca Gori, and Mrs. Eugenia Gresta, celebrated the centennial of its establishment with a vibrant event titled “Bircaninova@100” on March 6th. This milestone marks 100 years since Queen Elena of Montenegro laid the embassy’s foundation stone in 1924

Held at Bircaninova Ulica 9/a, the evening featured an eclectic mix of music, theater, and storytelling, paying homage to the historical and cultural legacy of the embassy building in Belgrade. The event not only underscored the strong ties between Italy and Serbia but also kicked off a year-long celebration dedicated to this century-long relationship.

The festivities concluded with a cocktail reception, offering a surprise tribute to Queen Elena and the enduring friendship between the two nations. “Bircaninova@100” sets the tone for a series of events throughout the year, aiming to foster and celebrate the deep-rooted connections between Italy and Serbia.

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