Lecture of SASA Foreign Member Milan Stojanović

’Short Stories on Oligonucleotides Recognizing Small Molecules’ is the lecture title of Professor Milan Stojanović, a foreign member of SASA and professor at the University of Columbia, New York, USA, which he will deliver at the SASA Grand Hall, on Monday, 21 October, at 12 o’clock.

– Short single-stranded molecules of nucleic acids (Oligonucleotides) can bind into complex structures, receptors, which bind to specific small molecules. These types of structures are aptamers. Aptamers have been recognized for more than a quarter of a century and much has been written about them as reagents which will replace antibodies. In this lecture, I shall outline our progress in systematic efforts to break down the barriers which have so far hampered everyday use of aptamers in determining small molecules concentration in clinical chemistry. In a series of examples, I will elaborate on how aptamer characteristics could be enhanced by means of principles of medicinal chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and engineering – Professor M. Stojanović explained.

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