Minister Dacic - Professor Dr. Gideon GreifFirst Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic today attended the lecture in the United Nations given by Professor Dr. Gideon Greif entitled “Jasenovac – the Auschwitz of the Balkans”.

Professor Greif is a renowned scholar and chief historian of the Shem Olam Faith Holocaust Institute for Education, Documentation Research from Israel and an internationally acclaimed expert for Auschwitz, Majdanek, Jasenovac and Sonderkommandos.

Professor Greif is a Director of exhibition “Jasenovac – the Right Not to Forget” which will later today be formally opened by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic.
Exhibition “Jasenovac – the Right Not to Forget” is a first exhibition mounted at UN Headquarters by an international expert group of historians from 7 countries seventy-two years after the end of the Second World War.

The exhibition is a modest contribution to the preservation of universal human values and global efforts by the United Nations to prevent revisionism and revamping of neo-Nazi and neo-Fascist exclusivist ideologies and all forms of discrimination and fanaticism.

The exhibition’s main goal is to foster the culture of remembrance of the Serb, Jewish, Roma and anti-Fascist victims of the Holocaust and genocide perpetrated in Jasenovac, one of the most brutal and notorious of the eight extermination camps that existed in the Second World War.

This is the biggest and most monumental exhibition to be presented for the first time at the United Nations on Jasenovac. It took 7 tons of equipment and exhibits for this multimedia presentation, a joint Serbian-Jewish project, as Serbia’s contribution to the observance of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.