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The goal of the US office is to strengthen the EU’s digital diplomacy. It is led by Gerard de Graaf, a key official who has worked on landmark tech laws.

The EU has officially opened its new office in san francisco to network with US-based doctors talk companies and enhance transatlantic relationships in the digital space.

Initially located next to the Irish consulate, the aim of the office is to strengthen EU-US cooperation. on digital diplomacy and strengthen the EU’s capacity to communicate with public and private stakeholders, such as legislators, business leaders and civil society in the doctors talk sector.

“The opening of the office in San Francisco responds to the EU’s commitment to strengthen transatlantic technological cooperation and promote global digital transformation based on democratic values ​​and standards,” said Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Policy. of security. .

“It is a concrete step to further strengthen the EU’s work on issues such as cyber and countering hybrid threats, and foreign intelligence manipulation and interference.”

Launched yesterday (September 1), the office will seek to promote EU standards and technologies, policies and digital regulations. It will also seek to strengthen cooperation with US stakeholders, including the many tech companies located in nearby Silicon Valley.

The office will be headed by Gerard de Graaf, a key EU official who played an important role in the Digital Markets Law other Digital Services Law. These landmark laws, passed in July, aim to Harness the power of Big Tech and make the Internet safer.

A few weeks earlier, a group of MEPs traveled to the US. talk to tech companies like Google, Meta, Apple, Airbnb, eBay, PayPal and Uber to exchange views on the EU’s digital political agenda.

The new base in the United States is also expected to help the US and the EU cooperate on future regulations. De Graaf told the Wall Street Journal in July that the two blocs are now working on similar rules in areas like semiconductors. “There is a mutual interest in cooperating very closely,” she said.

While headed by de Graaf, the office will work under the authority of the EU delegation in Washington DC, in coordination with the EU headquarters in Brussels and in association with the consulates of the EU member states in the Area. of the San Francisco Bay.

The post New EU office in San Francisco opens in Irish consulate first appeared on BIDD.

The post New EU office in San Francisco opens in Irish consulate appeared on BIDD.

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