The Honorary Consulate of Finland in Bar tasked with assisting in consular matters and trade promotion was officially opened yesterday evening. Mihailo Pavicevic, who worked as a basketball coach in Finland for nine years and was selected as the Coach of the Year in 2003, has been appointed the Honorary Consul of Finland.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Under-Secretary in Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland Pirkko Hämäläinen, the Ambassador of Finland to Montenegro Pertti Ikonen and other distinguished guests. Hämäläinen addressed the audience by confirming that the bilateral relations between Finland and Montenegro are very good, not only on the level of the governments but also between the peoples of the two countries. She also used the opportunity to congratulate Mihailo Pavicevic on the appointment as the Honorary Consul of Finland.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland considers the network of the Honorary Consuls a great asset for Finland’s foreign and security policy. The establishment of the Consulate in Bar is a result of steady flows of tourists from Finland to Montenegro and of an interest to strengthen the economic cooperation between the countries.