Ophthalmology Hospital "Stankov"

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2020)

Whether it is a congenital or acquired visual anomaly, disease or acute eye injury, the first signs of visual disturbances are an alarm to go to the ophthalmologist. Timely application of microsurgery, in some cases, is the key to successful treatment.

The most complex procedures of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye, solving combined pathologies of the eye, as well as eliminating all functional and aesthetic defects in the region of vision, are performed in the eye clinic “Stankov”.

STRABISM in children, surgical removal at the earliest age. If the child loses visual acuity, the consequences are permanent. That is why children should be taken to an ophthalmologist for an examination in the first year of life!

Ophthalmology Clinic “Stankov” solves ophthalmic problems of all ages, from six months age babies to patients of late age. Due to many years of proven success in the surgical treatment of STRABISM, the “Stankov” clinic profiled itself over time as a pediatric eye clinic and gained the reputation of a top eye hospital for resolving the most complex anomalies in children. The largest number of their patients, as many as 80% are children: from Serbia and the former republics of SFRY, as well as children of foreign citizens from the surrounding countries. Patients from the USA also came to them on a recommendation.

Eye Hospital “Stankov” uses the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (glasses, drops, lenses) and complex microsurgical techniques for treatment of:





Contemporary standards change the approach to treatment. Earlier, it was waiting that CATARACT would develop, “mature” to be surgically removed. That was wrong, such a hardened compact cataract was harder to remove. The approach has changed in our country and abroad as well. Cataracts should be resolved as soon as possible!

As the first in terms of frequency in the world, this clinic states the problem of cataract, which occurs in as many as 50 percents of the population after the age of 50. As the most complex condition, which requires an urgent reaction, they point out: the pathology of the posterior segment of the eye.

All interventions EXCEPT laser diopter removal are performed at Stankov Hospital.

Vitreoretinal surgery involves surgery of the posterior segment of the eye. These are the most serious diseases, the so-called retinal ablation, which occurs after the retina separates from its base. Symptoms include flashes, flies in the visual field, and a progressive decrease in eyesight that rapidly leads to blindness. This disease requires an URGENT reaction. The time factor that affects the outcome of the intervention is in some cases measured in hours.

Interventions in local anaesthesia at the “Stankov” Hospital eliminate:

– Chalazion, pterygium

– Tumours, cysts,

-Entropium, ectropium

– Ptosis

– Probing of tear ducts

– AESTHETIC corrections in eyesight region

“Stankov” Eye Clinic is one of the first private institutions of this profile in the Balkans. It has a file with 33,000 patients taken care of so far. Of that number, 80 percent are children!

The clinic has existed for almost three decades. The founder is Prof. Dr Branko Stankov, who worked for many years at the Clinical Hospital Center of Serbia (KBC Serbia), where he also received his doctorate. He studied in Germany, Italy and Russia. His narrower field of interest is strabismus in children and adults, in which field he has gained the reputation of the greatest expert in this part of the world. Prof. Branko Stankov is a member of domestic and numerous international professional associations. As a pioneer of modern strabismus surgery, which he started forty years ago at the KBC Serbia, he has successfully performed 15,000 procedures so far.

So far, the eye hospital “Stankov” has done:


POLYCLINICAL INTERVENTIONS: OPHTHALMOLOGICAL   EXAMINATION DETERMINATION OF REFRACTION STRABIZAM CATARACT  ABLATIONS AND VITREKTOMIES Ptosis ,Chalacion, Cysts, Papillomas,  Entropium, Ectropium, Pterygium, Eyelid tumors, Skin and conjunctival nevus  Blepharoplasty Probing of tear ducts AND OTHER INTERVENTIONS

Eye Hospital “Stankov” can compete with the largest centres in the world in terms of expertise and equipment. Medical examinations and interventions are performed in a pleasant environment at five hundred square meters. In addition to the state-of-the-art operating room, the most modern instruments and devices of German and Swedish brands are used. It is located in the heart of the city, on Terazije. The formulas of their work are expertise and trust. Communication is in English.

Ophthalmology Hospital “Stankov”


Ophthalmology Hospital “STANKOV”
Terazije 45/IV, Beograd

+381 11 324 33 06