From going to Hartefact to BEMUS to BITEF, Serbia is home to incredible events that showcase the best of Serbian culture and make a dynamic contribution to the country’s tourism ex officio – were the topics of the panel held on August 28 at KC Grad.

As events in Serbia can contribute to the development and marketing of Serbia as a dynamic, creative country, what can be done to support and promote the event industry, what policy changes can be considered to create a more conducive environment and how events can work more together to strategically raise the national profile and co-promote – there were topics that were held on September 28 at KC Grad in Belgrade. The moderator was Martin Cuff, an expert in the creative industries. Panelists of the conference were Igor Kovacevic, Serbian Convention Bureau Jane Cunningham, BestCities Global Alliance, Ivan Petrovic, EXIT Foundation, Andrej Nosov, Hartefact and Viktor Kish, Dev9t.

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