Dr. Milomir Gacevic MD, Ph.D.

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2020)

The look is very important and freshness of a face can be preserved by cosmetic methods only up to a certain age. After the 45-50 years old, wrinkles become more prominent and the shape of the face more and more loses its tone and youthful proportion. With non-invasive aesthetic methods such as Botox or Hyaluronic acid, results are temporary and after a while begin to lose their effect.

Face Lifting is once in a lifetime procedure

Only Real Lifting returns years of youth: RELIABLE -VISIBLE-DONE PERMANENT.

Face Lifting surgery is the only technique that after 45-50 years of age, restores truly youthful look. The application of this technique involves moderate tightening and reduction of excess facial skin. The effect is essentially achieved by tightening the subcutaneous structures and muscles of the personal, mandibular and neck regions. This basically raises the overall tone and, in the long run, establishes the famous „triangular”  face proportion, which is a staple of beauty. Face Lifting is the only surgical technique that, in the long term, almost permanently restores youth. It is done once in a lifetime. Only real Lifting gets 15-20 years younger appearance. The techniques are very complex and require exceptional expertise.

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic “Adonis” in Belgrade

Plastic and  Aesthetic Surgery Clinic  “Adonis” in Belgrade is one of the few in the region where genuine Face Lifting is done using the original surgical methods. Dr Milomir Gacevic is an expert with nearly three decades of experience in the field. He holds a Masters Degree and a PhD from the Military Medical Academy (MMA).He has been trained at the European Breast Center in Milan and the European Nose Center in Rome, as well as at distinguished congresses and gatherings in London, Miami, Paris and Madrid.

“Adonis” Clinic has also recently applied the BODYTITE technique, a last-generation, skin-reducing treatment. Provides far greater results than semi-invasive aesthetic methods and scars are almost invisible. But even the application of the BODYTITE technique cannot replace surgical lifting. The original technique of Lifting involves not only the reduction of the skin, but also all the tightening of the subcutaneous muscular structures. The “Adonis” Clinic is one of the few in the region where genuine Lifting can be obtained.

He is also one of the few surgeons in Belgrade to perform a complete correction of the nose. The intervention that involves work on the bone, cartilage and soft tissue of the nose. At the same time, a single surgical act achieves complete function and aesthetics, which requires exceptional expertise, experience and creativity of the surgeon.

The part of facial aesthetics at Adonis Hospital is:

– face lifting – complete and partial

– correction of the nose (rhinoplasty) and septum-septoplasty

– eyelid correction (blepharoplasty)

– lip correction

– correction of the ears (otoplasty)

– Brow lift

– facial asymmetry correction

– application of non-invasive esthetic methods (Botox, Hyaluronan, Meso-threads ..)

-Face Tite -Inmode, revolutionary surgical technology for excessive face and neck skin

All the aesthetic breast corrections are done:
– breast augmentation with implants or autologous fat
– breast augmentation and lifting with or without implants
– breast reduction
– reconstruction after amputation
– Gynecomastia-reduction of male breasts

“Adonis” Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art operating rooms, the latest anesthesia appliances, monitors, aspirators, central gas, central air-conditioning, halogen lighting and other modern German, Swedish and Italian equipment. It also features the latest generation of BODYTITE device. The application of this radio frequency unit is an innovation in the domestic market. It is used in the procedures of tightening of the sagging skin with the reduction of fat in the regions of face, neck and chin, upper arm, lower legs and abdomen.

The most advanced technique is the cosmetic surgery of the abdomen and hernia (abdomen):

– dermolipectomy

– dermolipectomy with abdominoplasty

– liposuction

As well as aesthetic surgery procedures for gluteus: shrinking, lifting, enlargement with implants or own fat tissue.

Dr. Milomir Gacevic MD, Ph.D.

 “Adonis” Hospital is located in the city center in a quiet setting on Gundulicev Venac 7. The interventions are done in a cozy interior, spanning 500 square meters. It consists of a logistics part, an operating part and a hospital part, with comfortable apartments, tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

During the 15 years of the clinic, the following has been done:


In terms of expertise, equipment and standards, the clinic can compete with the largest surgical centers in the world. In addition to superb personal service, dedication and kindness, “Adonis” Hospital fosters high standard of ethics. The patient is realistically presented with the scope and limitations of the cosmetic procedure. The motto in the work of Dr Gacevic  and his associates is a realistic approach and honest attitude towards the patient.

The work of other specialties is represented:

Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) surgery

Onco- surgery (after breast amputation.)

Vascular surgery (augmentation of varicose veins for aesthetic and functional reasons)

Dr Milomir Gacevic is one of the leaders in the region in the correction of congenital anomalies in children(lips, palate, hands). “Adonis” Hospital is fully equipped for pediatric surgery. The procedure is also performed on babies of several months, which makes this area of ​​reconstructive surgery the most complex. Dr. Gacevic is a member of domestic and international professional associations: SRBPRAS, SRBSAPS, ESPRAS, IPRAS.

Gundulicev Venac 7
11030 Belgrade, Serbia

Tel: +381 062 404564