Plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeries Prof. Dr Marijan Novakovic

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2020)

The need for physical beauty grew along with the pace of life. Good look brings a better position at work, higher earnings, career. Physical liking is a rule of decency, and the FIRST IMPRESSION is often a determinant  of life  prosperity!

The perfection of beauty and transformation of appearance is possible to achieve by the most modern surgical techniques in the “Novakovic” clinic. However, the sense of aesthetic surgery is not to produce new characters, but to create beauty following the personality, how is evaluated in this renowned clinic.

The founder of the clinicis Prof. Dr Marijan Novakovic, with experience in this field for more than three decades.  Dr Novakovic is a former head of the Military Medical Academy (MMA) and the head of the MMA Clinic for Plastic Surgery. He is a full professor at the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.  In his career, he performed hundreds of the most complicated reconstructive-microsurgical procedures and has been passing on his knowledge to generations of younger physicians for a long time.

The first signs of age appear in the eye area. Relaxed eyelids and “bags” under the eyes give the impression of greyness, dullness, blurred vision.  For a clear look and freshness of the face, the eye region should be corrected first.

The “Novaković” clinic performs the most complex aesthetic surgical procedures, such as face-lifting or nose correction, which are the biggest creative challenge in aesthetic surgery. As a rule, these interventions achieve the greatest visual effect on the face.

FACELIFT is performed by tightening the skin and muscle structures of the face and neck, which raises the tone, takes on a new form of youthful symmetry of the face. Traces of intervention are located in the hairy part, behind the ear.  The full effect comes to the fore after 2 months. The use of this technique is recommended after the age of 40. The effect is long-lasting and provides 20 years- less.

If there is a congenital or acquired nasal irregularity, the only way to establish symmetry and correct the profile is NOSE CORRECTION. The procedure is complex because it also involves the processing of bone structures. In a small space, there is a large number of elements that need to be harmonized, which requires high expertise and creativity of the surgeon.  With the correction of the nose, the face got a completely new expression. The effect is extraordinary, and it makes the patient immensely happy. In terms of age, it can be done from adolescence. 

With the quality of services typical of the most prestigious clinics in the world, with the most modern equipment and the most expensive, certified materials, in the clinic “Novakovic” is performed following:

Tattoos, which are still popular with young people, become a nuisance at some point in life. They are removed by laser. If the pigment is also affected the derm- surgically.  The scar remains.

face lifting – complete and partial

correction of the nose (rhinoplasty) and septum-deviation of the nose

eyelid correction (blepharoplasty)

lips correction                                            

ear correction (otoplasty)

-all cosmetic techniques for rejuvenating the face, neck and décolleté:dermabrasion, PRP, hyaluronic acid…



Performs all breast interventions with extreme skill, with more complex breast reduction procedures.


The greatest visual effect on a woman’s body is achieved by BREAST CORRECTION.  According to the frequency in our country and the world, aesthetic procedures on the breasts have been in the first place for years:

breast augmentation and lifting with the most modern implants or own adipose tissue

breast reduction

reconstruction after complete removal of the breast due to the tumor

– (Gynecomastia is performed in men – reduction of male breasts)

With special professional affinity, Dr Novakovic solves the problem of congenital anomalies in children, especially cleft lip and palate.   These are the most complex operations; they require a lot of experience, and every plastic surgeon can not perform them.

All body reshaping procedures are applied, which for a short time get a SLIM FIGURE:


– dermolipectomy with abdominoplasty

-correction of lower legs, upper arm

-gluteus correction: reduction, lifting, augmentation with implants or own fat

– radio wave and surgical removal of scars and tattoos on the body

Dr Marijan Novakovic was a lecturer at numerous meetings abroad and a visiting surgeon in state hospitals in Kurgan-Russia, Belgium, Athens and Milan. During his professional career, he performed more than 30,000 reconstructive plastic and aesthetic procedures. including:


Prof.  Novakovic is the president of the Intersection Committee for Melanoma of the Serbian Medical Association (SLD), a regular member of the SLD Medical Academy, as the President of the Republic Expert Commission for Plastic Surgery and the President of the Commission for Health Tourism under the Serbian government. He estimates that the largest number of clinics in Serbia, in terms of equipment and expertise, meet the highest world standards. Therefore, it is understandable that foreigners are increasingly interested in aesthetic and other surgical interventions in Serbia.

Dr Novakovic is the author of more than three hundred  professional papers published in domestic and foreign medical journals and more than ten textbooks intended for medical students and specialists.

Nevus after

Nevus before

Melanoma is easily recognized. If the mole changes on the surface, edge, or color, especially if bleeding occurs, it is suspected that it is melanoma.

Dr Novakovic is a member of The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ISAPS), an active member of the Balkan Association for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (BAPRAS) and president of the Association for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery of Serbia for two terms (SRBPRAS).

Clinic”Novakovic” is located in Dedinje, in an environment filled with nature and greenery. Examinations and interventions are performed in a pleasant environment, with the distinct commitment and kindness of the staff. Among the patients of the clinic “Novakovic” are many foreign nationals. Communication is in English.


23 Miće Orlovića Street, 11000 Belgrade

old Street name Omladinska

tel: 065 900 00 07