The credentials to the President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić were handed over today by the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus, Demetrios Theophilactou, who conveyed the greetings of President Nicos Anastasiades.

Wishing Ambassador Theophilactou a pleasant stay in Belgrade and success in his work, President Vučić pointed out that he was glad that on the day of the credentials handover, Serbian Foreign Minister Selaković visits Nicosia, thus making his first official bilateral visit, because it testifies to the importance Serbia attaches to the friendship with Cyprus. He greeted President Anastasiades and expressed hope that circumstances would soon allow him to be hosted in Belgrade to hold a session of the High Council for Cooperation between Serbia and Cyprus, as an opportunity to enrich Serbian-Cypriot cooperation.
The two interlocutors expressed hope that a tripartite meeting between Serbia, Cyprus and Greece would be realised soon. Ambassador Theophilactou said that he would dedicate a significant part of his activities to economic cooperation, highlighting the area of information technologies that provides many opportunities.
On this occasion, President Vučić emphasised that Serbia greatly appreciates the sincere friendship of Cyprus, which defends international law with its views. Thanking for the support of Cyprus to the territorial integrity of Serbia, he pointed out that Serbia supports the territorial integrity of Cyprus in the same way and that this approach will not change. He also thanked for the support that the country provides to our European integration.
President Vučić and Ambassador Teofilaktu also discussed the developments around the Cyprus issue and the challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean and agreed that both countries are committed to respecting international law. Ambassador Theophilactou thanked Serbia for participating in the UN peacekeeping mission in Cyprus.
11th December 2020