(Last Updated On: May 16, 2021)

Letters of credence to the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, were also presented by the newly appointed Ambassador of Romania, Silvia Davidoiu.

Wishing Ambassador Davidoiu much success in her diplomatic post in Belgrade, President Vučić expressed his gratitude to Romania for its principled position to respect Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and thus the international law. He also said that Serbia greatly appreciates Romania’s support for the European path of Serbia, as well as specific assistance through the transfer of Romanian experiences from the accession process.
President Vučić and Ambassador Davidoiu agreed that Serbia and Romania are sincere friends and reliable partners, expressing confidence that good political relations will be accompanied by even better economic ties and cooperation in all areas of common interest. The two interlocutors pointed out that the construction of a highway or a fast road between Belgrade and Timisoara would be of the greatest importance. President Vučić also emphasised that Serbia can learn a lot from Romania when it comes to using the navigability of the Danube.
Ambassador Davidoiu said that she arrives with a specific agenda when it comes to infrastructure and energy projects. In addition to the mentioned road between Belgrade and Timisoara, which was singled out as a priority project, she also mentioned the construction of a railway and gas interconnector between the two countries. Ambassador Davidoiu also proposed the establishment of a joint Chamber of Commerce, which should bring closer the business communities on both sides of the border.
Ambassador Davidoiu stated that Serbia in Romania has a sincere advocate of the European Union enlargement to the Western Balkans region, expressing the belief that it is in the interest of the EU that Serbia becomes a full member as soon as possible.
President Vučić also emphasised the importance of cooperation through the format of the Quadrilateral, i.e. the High Council for Cooperation of Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, because he considers this type of cooperation very important for the development of good neighbourly relations and promotion of peace and stability policy in the region, as well as for the social and economic development of Serbia. He, therefore, stressed that a new summit should be held when circumstances permit.
President Vučić sent greetings to President Iohannis and invited him to visit our country.
Belgrade, 17th February 2021