President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić received today the credentials of the Ambassador of the Republic of Angola, Alcino dos Prazeres Izata Francisco da Conceição, and wished him a warm welcome and success in his work.

President Vučić expressed satisfaction with the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of relations between the two countries through cooperation with the Ambassador da Conceição. He noted that diplomatic relations between Belgrade and Luanda were established forty-five years ago and that both countries respect and nurture the traditional friendship from the time of the former Yugoslavia and membership in the Non-Aligned Movement.
President Vučić emphasised that one of Serbia’s foreign policy priorities is strengthening cooperation with the African Union Commission.
President Vučić asked the Ambassador da Conceição to convey gratitude to the Angolan leadership for understanding Serbia’s positions, as well as for supporting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country. He added that Serbia would support Angola’s territorial integrity and sovereignty in the same way.
Ambassador da Conceição said that one of the priorities of his diplomatic mission in Serbia is to increase economic cooperation between the two countries and to raise the interest of Serbian investors in investing in Angola.
President Vučić reminded that, as the Minister of Defence, he visited Angola in 2013 and that he was convinced that there were many untapped opportunities for cooperation, especially in the field of agriculture and construction, as well as for military-technical cooperation. In this regard, he said that steps should be taken to form a Joint Committee for Cooperation, as well as to expand contractual regulations.
The two interlocutors agreed that more frequent exchange of official visits would contribute to the rapprochement of the people of Serbia and Angola. President Vučić asked the Angolan Ambassador to convey an invitation to President Lourenço to visit our country.
16th September 2020