President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić received today the letters of credence from the Ambassador of the State of Israel Yahel Vilan, who conveyed the greetings of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ambassador Vilan first informed President Vučić that as of today, Serbia would be on the so-called “green list” for Israel, i.e. that Serbian citizens do not have to be quarantined upon arrival in that country. In that regard, the two interlocutors also discussed the measures the two countries are taking to eliminate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on their respective economies.
Wishing Ambassador Vilan a successful diplomatic post in Belgrade, President Vučić expressed satisfaction with the constant progress of the political dialogue and economic cooperation between Serbia and Israel. He pointed out that the mutual respect and solidarity of the two peoples – often sharing tragic destiny throughout history and especially during the Second World War – contributed to that. He also said that there is no place for anti-Semitism in Serbia. He noted many legal solutions that were adopted to acknowledge the rights of the local Jewish community, which seals the overall relations with the Jewish people.
President Vučić expressed satisfaction with the recent talk with the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu and his understanding of Serbia’s positions.
President Vučić said that Serbia supports the establishment of lasting peace and stability in the Middle East, adding his hopes that in the future, a manner will be found to reach an agreement that would contribute to a better life for all people in the region.
Ambassador Vilan said that he was closely following the exceptional engagement of President Vučić in establishing closer ties between the two countries, and welcomed the results of the talks in Washington.
The two interlocutors expressed hope that in the coming years, more Israeli investors will get to know better and use the favourable conditions for investing in the Serbian market.
The office of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Economy, soon to be opened in Jerusalem, will also contribute a lot to this end.
16th September 2020